10 May 2009

Little Old Me

Oh yes, little old me.

I guess I don't know how to start. Hi. Maybe you remember this place. It ended in June of 2006, just as it had started two years before that on a whim. Or a cry for attention. What is it about this time of year?

Very much has changed for me in the last three years, as it has I'm sure for just about every one of the people that were nice enough to support my site way back when. I'm really very proud of a lot of it.

I live in Brooklyn now, alone. I'm across the street from Prospect Park, which is incredible. It's so great how the sun looks as it sets right outside the window across from my couch. I'm on the top floor and the wind just whips at me when it kicks up, no buildings tall enough to bear the brunt of it.

I remember when I was little, my grandmother would tell me that I should "always keep a journal," because she knew how much I loved to write. I disagreed, and I told her.

"No because all I do when I keep a journal is make stuff up." She thought that was pretty funny, but I was serious. I never saw the point if I didn't get to make shit up. She was my earliest fan that wasn't my Mom, so that counts for a lot.

So even though now, like it was when I originally maintained it, much of this will be made up bullshit (get it?!?!). I do think that, where it regards her suggestion: wisdom trumps youth, and hopefully it can be seen as a sign of maturity that I recognize that at least. Recognizing things is good.

I'm not going to write about baseball as much. I'm going to make sure to post drunk more. That said- the most important thing I want is to heighten the quality level of what I put up here. I read this site sometimes and see an exceptional amount of lazy writing. Gotta tighten that shit up.

Also, to be honest- I need a steady gig, and producing a good deal of writing (concurrent with this quaint little venture which I urge all of you to check out and pass on to anyone that would like to tell me how ridiculous I sound) is probably a good thing. Doing these things in the same stride as It* is a good way to make my fingers move more. Muscle memory. Or something.

I don't want to set any sort of direction on this thing anymore, but I should warn that the output will certainly be a fair bit less consistent this go round.

Baseball isn't going to disappear completely though. Not as long as Dustin Pedroia exists in this world at least.

Good to be back.

ps- note I changed the address of the site. It's "Bullshit Memorial Stadium" now fo' real (though I'm sad to see "Keyboard Baseball" go- so incredibly nerdy).
pps- people should facebook me and shit. The Blog wants you to facebook HIM and shit, too. (No Twitter, sorry)

* - the novel

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