16 May 2009

Let's Get Colleen to Listen to Bat for Lashes!

OK, so here's the deal. My sister is Colleen. She digs music. She doesn't go to a ton of shows necessarily, but she's always had a lot of music she was listening to. She digs music a lot. She loves Jay-Z the most, I think, and way back in the day we saw fucking Elliott Smith together on his Figure 8 tour which, of all the shows I've seen, is probably still my all time favorite (plus this guy on the train ride back to Fairfield was standing on Metro North, trying not to fall asleep- and he'd do that thing where he'd slip and slip and slip before jerking back awake until we finally heard him just out and collapse). She has also always really, really loved Bjork's Debut, which of course I am also a very big fan of. She could correct me on this, but I don't think she really got into more Bjork than that- that was the album she really was into. I like Post and Homogenic more.

So I've been listening to this incredibly awesome new Bat for Lashes (Natasha Khan) album, Two Suns which, among many things, is one of the best produced records I've heard in a long time. It sounds great- it has this tremendously dynamic bass sound, and they did such a great job recording her voice. The bass on my stereo makes the static on my antenna'd TV shake with it!

It sounds like her developing sound (I only listened to the Fur & Gold once- it's not my thing, but it sounds great too, actually) mixed in with little bits of PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, even a pinchlet of Tori Amos, the last of which I'm not sure how I feel about.

I don't think Debut and Two Suns are directly relatable in sound, if we're being picky. They are both however young women with beautiful voices making their first really strong album using tighter song structures within that space between atmospheric and dance music.

Not exactly the hard sell, I know. I just think the person that loved that Debut album so much and for so long (she heard it the first time driving around in a car on vacation with our cousin, if I remember right) would take to whatever you want to call Two Suns. Is Two Suns as good as Debut? Absolutely not. That's a classic. But it's similar in sensibility, and it's still really good. Plus they both have those awesome album covers where the girl looks you right in the eye- they both seem to have the same look on their face, too. Don't ask me about the "concept" portion of Two Suns, I haven't really payed any attention to the lyrics much yet.

Now, I know a lot of whoever will read this knows who she is. She's getting positive attention (although Christgau tore her limb from limb!). Those weird stories about people crying at her shows. So if you like Natasha Khan too, convince Colleen to listen! Or not, this post and a burned copy of the CD will probably work.

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