30 June 2006

Shut Off the Lights When You're Done.

So it's been exactly two years, and, until this one, 500 posts here on this blog. So... I think I'm done.

Since a few people were nice enough to support this site and read it fairly loyally, I figure it's only polite to offer as many of the reasons as I can articulate for discontinuing in what must seem like out-of-nowhere fashion.

First of all, I really think this blog has sucked serious wind lately. I think this for a couple reasons- one, because I've just not been ready, willing, or able to really wring as much "quality" out of the site as I think is possible- which, to me, sucks. I'm not OK with that at all, and as I've said in explanation of this to a couple people, I'd rather pull the plug on this when it's at least something resembling worthwhile, as opposed after it's become another shitty blog.

Ever since I started the site, I went back and forth on this- I really didn't want to be the "Gawker" style super snarky/ cynical make-fun-of-everything type. But, even as much as I loathe that- I've drifted in that direction a lot. Sometimes I wonder if the medium demands it. So, I'm starting to think I strongly dislike the "blog" medium- or, I'm not real comfortable with it.

A lot of that stems from the over-saturation of blogs, especially of the baseball variety. Being part of over-saturation just doesn't feel "right" to me- like shouting in an echo chamber. There's certainly a possibility that this is not permanent, I suppose- there's a chance that some sort of re-conceptualization pops into my head where I feel like it's a new and unique enough idea to pursue. There's also the fact that I'm an incurably impulsive writer, and that if I don't have a forum to ramble in, I may slip back here for a fix.

I feel like I put in two solid years doing what I wanted to do- writing about baseball- and had a lot of fun doing it. I feel like the blog concept is far too over-used, and one I'm not really interested in continually pursuing for that reason. Again- why read me when you can read Empyreal Environs? Or Aaron Gleeman? Etc, etc. I think I had my fun, and it's time to go do somethin' else. I don't want to close the door entirely, because I'm not entirely convinced myself. But it feels pretty much like I've done what I wanted to do.

Thanks for reading.

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