22 May 2006

Weekend Warrior.

First of all- I watched Trainspotting last night on a whim starting at about 1 AM, and I apparently had forgotten how absolutely tremendous a movie that is. Just unbelievable in about every respect. The music- which was well documented at the time, with a soundtrack that, if I recall, sold really well- was just perfect. My favorite is the scene was "Nightclubbin'" by Iggy Pop. Everybody mentions the "Perfect Day" scene too, which is great- the carpet blinders being an oddly perfect touch- but I think I got "used" to that scene, so "Nightclubbin'" stuck out this time around.

I remember when I first saw it I seriously could not make head or tail of half of what they were saying- the accents are just ridiculously thick. I'd seen it a couple times after, and now years later, it's pretty easy to pick up. Begbie, though, to this day, is absolutely inscrutable. I still don't know what half his lines were. One thing I'd never noticed was that Tommy- the one who dies from toxoplasmosis- was played by Kevin McKidd, now seen as the lead on Rome. That should tell you how long it had been since I'd seen the movie- I didn't even notice him when I watched Rome.

The scene where Renton dives in the "worst toilet in Scotland" for the anal suppository is still genuinely disgusting. That penultimate shot is still devastating as well- the pan around the room to all the mates, sleeping, finally settling on Spud, who's wide awake and looks horrified.

Remember when that movie came out, and there was a huge hullabaloo about how heroin was becoming too "popular" and how it was permeating the culture too much? Then there was a "heroin chic" joke on Seinfeld (when Jerry points out that Elaine's makeup is all smudged and she's wearing the same clothes from the day before- because of Dave Puddy- and she says "Oh no, it's the new look- heroin chic..."). Then I remember reading an article on heroin culture in USA Today. For two months it was like everyone was a smackhead but me. Everyone kept bringing up Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain too like they were relevant to the point in 1996.

Great, great movie.

Also, this weekend, I went bowling. Erin and I hung out with some friends for a birthday, and one of the "activities" was bowling. It was at Leisure Time Bowl in Port Authority, which is just truly the crown jewel of the island of Manhattan. How tremendously appropriate it is that so many of our visitors are left to feast on that visual treat as they enter our wonderful city. Man, I LOVE Port Authority.

So yea, I was throwing ROCKS [that night]! (I said this no fewer than 15 times, for you Lebowski-ites) We played two games, and I bowled the rare consecutive 113 game scores (that's a nice shot of my ass directly to the right- as I pick my weapon of choice). Dominating. I'd also point out that Erin was shellacked TWO games in a row by her natural arch-rival Nicole. Erin's excuses included "I let her win," and "Oh those Ohio people- all they're good at is bowling," and "whatever- it's BOWLING." Truly, truly sad.

I also saw Mission: Impossible: III on Friday, and I must say- if you'd like to sit in a theatre and be entertained for two hours by explosions, PS Hoffman as a bad guy, and a genuine lunatic pretending to be a normal, run of the mill CIA agent- this is your movie. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a fun diversion. Plus, Maggie Q is an effing fox.

I know I said I'd have one of the usual long LOST posts, but I'm going to skip that this week. Most of what happened was setup for Wednesday's 2-hr finale episode anyway, and I've had a lot of other stuff goin' down.

To me, the biggest things from this episode were:

  • The list. Whoever that woman was holding Michael in the Others' "camp," had a specific list of Lost-ies she wanted. Why them? We've heard them refer to these lists as containing only "the good ones." What's "good" mean? Why these four? Can we assume Henry Gale was lying to Locke then, when he said he was coming for him originally?

  • Alex- Rousseau's daughter- asking Michael if Claire had the baby. Small scene, but more or less corroborates everything Claire remembers happening in the "Maternity Ward" episode.

  • Of course, the most obvious being the return of Walt. Walt says to Michael that he's not being hurt, but that he's being made to take tests, and that- most importantly- "they're not what they say they are." When tied back to what Kate found in "The Maternity Ward" episode (the fake beards/ hobo wear), it would seem that, for some reason, the "Others" persona is an act for the survivor's benefit. We also, of course, see the deal struck that leads to Ana and Libby's deaths, with a new addendum- Michael demands the boat (presumably the one on which Walt was taken) upon completion of his task. They agree to let Michael have Walt if he frees Gale and brings the four survivors they want (Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Jack)- so they're either lying, or they value those four over hanging on to Walt longer term.

  • Also- prediction (no spoiler, just a guess)- that sailboat they all see at the end of the episode, at the funeral- is Desmond-related.

    I don't know if I've ever been as excited for an episode of a TV show as I am for this finale Wednesday.

    I'll definitely have a breakdown of that for those interested.

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