01 May 2006

Sox Re-Acquire C Doug Mirabelli

According to radio reports mentioned on SoSH, the Red Sox have re-acquired Doug Mirabelli for, possibly, Rudy Seanez and/ or Josh Bard. No official confirmation yet.

Seems like a good deal IF it's a move to get something of value for Rudy Seanez instead of jsut DFA'ing him. Remember, he was tremendous in San Diego last year. That being said, four starts isn't a fair shake at learning to do the knuckler for Bard. Even though he can't hit a lick, I'd have preferred he gotten a better shot than this. Mirabelli's getting old, not hitting, and reporting tightness in his back. So we'll see.

It'd be better if we kept Bard, sent him to AAA (not 100% if we can do that though) and worked him in if Mirabelli goes down, etc. Getting anything for Seanez is a bonus.

More later.


ESPN is reporting a done deal: Doug Mirabelli for C Josh Bard, mL RP Cla Meredith, cash or a PTBNL.

Seems like a really poor deal. Mirabelli is 35. This was only four starts for Bard. Seems like a really big time overreaction. That being said, not a huge deal. There's a possibility that they saw/ understood something about Bard that suggested this would be a long-term thing. I'm pretty "meh" about this- I don't actually consider Meredith anything but filler.

I just hope Mirabelli stays healthy. Ken Huckaby once every fifth day is frightening.

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I LOVE IT! Dougie always had a way of being sneaky clutch..a big hit tonight wouldn't surprise me at all.

Let's go Sox!

By Anonymous Dave, at 5/01/2006 2:05 PM  

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