22 May 2006

The Pins are In...

Just a heads up: the pins are in, and tomorrow around 3:30 I'll have the first "contest" up, and I'll announce what pin it's for (unfortunately, it won't be for Eddie). Whatever it will be- obstacle course, feats of strength, trivia contest, an order from on high to make me laugh in some fashion- speed will be your friend. Please- consider this.

So... limber up.

Check back on this post around that time, and we'll start the proceedings.


OK, here's the dilly.

Go to the Dugout Archives. There's a ton of them. You can sort by player, date, team- whatever. Find the funniest one. Link it in the comments section.

I decide who's pick is the actual funniest. They get the pin- Atlanta Braves 1B/ 3B Bob Horner! (Or, if that's for whatever reason totally objectionable to you, you can pick from a list)

If nothing else, this will get you reading The Dugout. Now, go! Posting CLOSES at noon tomorrow. Run like the wind...

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