27 May 2006

My Life Since (Just) Before the Flood...

So it's been a weird couple days since last I posted- especially Thursday. I was already jealous of Erin because she'd taken the day off to take Wanda to an Old Navy casting call (no joke- it's some national campaign they're doing to find a dog mascot; Wanda is already the BSM mascot, however), and I just didn't want to come out of the beautiful weather and spend it at work. Teh suckola.

So I get there, and after beeping in with my ID pass, I noticed in my building lobby- which is your typical big company nice lobby- streaming water in steady flow from a number of different spots. Normally I'm in a pretty dazed mood that early, so it took me a long time to then notice the MASSIVE line snaking all around the lobby and out the door. Since my elevator bank was cordoned off, I figured I was destined for the line, so I followed it out, starting midway between 5th and 6th Ave, extending out along 45th St. around the corner and down 6th Ave. Basically, this was an entire 35 floor building of employees standing in line to go up in like, 5 people groups up the service elevator. Ridiculous.

So, I broke off the line to wait it down and read in the nice little plaza next to the place. Seriously, I don't know if any NYC'ers remember as far back as Thursday, but that was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Eventually, the line subsides a bit and I hop on, ultimately getting into the part of the line that was extended in through the lobby, about 30 people behind the ultimate destination of the service elevator. As this was happening I started to think- "if the only way out of this building is the fucking service elevator, how do I get out for lunch and shit? 10 floors of stairs? Effing ponderous, man." I felt like I was in an amusement park line, but, you know- suckass version.

Just as I was thinking this however, the main security guard basically shut off the service elevator and started fairly ominously evacuating the lobby. I'm telling you, I can smell a day off. Things were falling into place. We went outside into the lobby area adjacent to the building, and I sat there watching not only the lobby inhabitants but the entire building. It was about 1045 at this point, and I couldn't really see a scenario where we could all get the elevators fixed and back up the stairs. It was looking good.

So, I sat outside reading some more until my fellow cubicle warrior Ed told me I could go home, and that I was getting paid. I told you- I can smell a day off.

Off I went into the nice weather. Totally worth it. After running around and doing some shit, I actually decided to head indoors to see a movie- Poseidon, because I was curious. I'll spend about as much time reviewing it as they did in making it a viable "movie"- it fucking sucked on every level possible. Snore.

I got out at 1 PM on Friday for Memorial Day however, and X-Men 3 saved the day for my cinema watching weekend. It was really, really good. Just a ton of fun- I don't read comic books or anything, and I hated the first one, mildly enjoyed the second one, and loved this one. I mean, if you're a superfan, don't go by me though, because I don't really have a stake in this race. I just thought it was a fun movie.

I will say, however, that being seated directly next to a guy in the crowded theatre gave me a nice peek into how fanboys will react to it. This guy was clearly an X-men geek (which I think he'd have been glad to admit), as evidenced by his pointing tons of clearly obvious shit out to his girlfriend and anticipating lines, and naming characters as they came on the screen. Anyway, he was full-on nerding out during the entire third act of the movie. He was so excited he was laughing at everything that happened in the big finale. Not joking.

THEN, he implored the jam pack theatre to wait because, "there's more after the credits!" Sitting next to him, I felt bad not taking his advice, and liking the movie, I was curious too. So yea, there's another scene after the credits. It's pretty fucking cool, too actually. So stay through the credits.

Couple quick notes about baseball last night- the long delay and ultimate Giambi double play to end the Yankee game was HIGHLY entertaining. A lot more than I thought it'd be too, considering the opponent.

As of yesterday, the Royals were on pace to win 36 games. That'd be good for a 36-126 record, worst in baseball history, and in fact, were it not for their 5-1 record against the far superior Cleveland Indians, they'd be even worse off. I really think they're the worst team I've ever seen (worse than the 2003 Tigers), and it's just tremendously sad that Allard Baird has a job after wasting a ton of cash on Reggie Sanders, Doug Mientkiewicz and Mark Grudzielanek. I mean- maybe one of them. But three? Fucking jackass.

Also, given the matchup, I had the Sox game as a likely loss last night. Kazmir's been one of the ten best pitchers in baseball since about July of last season, and Wells was just coming off the DL. But, Wells looked fantastic through four, and we eventually really got to Kazmir- really a first for the Sox. So that was good. We're beating up on nemeses now, it's on. I'm looking at you, Ted Lilly.

Really, really too bad about Wells. Early reports have it as a "deep contusion," which is more promising than "shattered/ exploded knee joint," which is what it looked like. In fact, when the camera was on his face as he lay belly down on the infield grass, I could have sworn I could make him out to have said "I swear I broke it..."

Anyway, there's a realistic chance that those were the last pitches David Wells ever throws, especially given the state of his knees. I'm rooting hard for him to get back, but if he doesn't- he's had an absolutely tremendous career. I always liked David- even when he was a Yankee. He said what he thought, and it was often stupid,
but he's always been an interesting, engaging guy. I always loved how he approached pitching, his style of pitching, and the fact that he never walks hitters. Control pitchers are my favorite, I'll admit. If there's a silver lining here, it may be that Clemens sees this as an opportunity to "rescue" the Red Sox rotation which, he could absolutely do. So cross your fingers.

Also, Foulke struggled again, and as pure and tremendous evidence that Boston Red Sox fans suck complete dick sometimes, some total mouthbreather stood up behind the Sox dugout- in a Red Sox uniform- and laid into Foulke hard enough to garner a response. This happens more than it seems, too- in every game I went to last year, Foulke was booed as he came into the game. Grrreeeatttt fans.

BUT- great win last night, and the Royals getting just one from the Yankees is more than you can ask for. Hey, maybe they'll steal another.

Schilling going for 200 wins tonight.

Don't hold your breaths for the LOST post. It's coming, but I have to re-watch it, and the fact that I have about 4 months to write it doesn't help my motivation. I WILL post on it though...

Yes, I noticed that Clay Buchholz made a start yesterday- just skipping an update this week. I'll update Buchholz/ Pedroia/ Lester next time around. In the meantime, David Murphy was promoted to AAA Pawtucket yesterday, and started his AAA career with a 2-4 game; a HR, 2B and a deep fly robbed of a HR.

Murphy got off to an awful start, but over his last 23 games in Portland, Murphy's hit at an 857 OPS. Still a long way away from creating a level of optimism, but he's now shown two long, pronounced stretches of great hitting- the other being at the end of last season. So we'll see.

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