03 May 2006

Link Drop...

OK, no game last night, and likely no game tonight (if you believe those black magic weathermen). Here's a few links for shits and giggles.

Rules for gameday jersey-wearing. Pretty spot on, for the most part. People with names on the backs of Sox/ Yankees jerseys take note.

A couple more of the older "Dougie's Diaries". The latter being the first ever.

11:30 walks out to batting pratice with a tanktop on
11:45 after no stretching, steps into the cage- ignores the 5 bunts standard procedure
11:47 takes 25 cuts - hits 17 over the monster and misses the other 8
11:48 calls the batting practice pitcher a homo and tells him to go bang Nomar for mixing in a curveball after Dougie hit one onto the pike

The Hanso Foundation Website has been redone (LOST fans). Try signing up for the newsletter, and using the password "breaking strain" when prompted. Then, go to Joop's corner and send him a message.

Once again... Officer Parasite.

Danyelle Sargent from ESPNNEWS dropping an eff bomb. By the way- she ain't bad lookin'. But she's no Linda Cohn.

Backstage porn star fight. Like a naked, less talented, bigger titted Bette Davis/ Joan Crawford thing. This is not all that dissimilar to the fucking BRAWL I saw outside my building yesterday, only those girls were 12, had their clothes on, and got more bloody.

Uh... that's all I got.

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