24 May 2006

Barter Trivia For Free Merchandise!

So, that Inaugural Button Contest went over like a lead fucking balloon. Not counting myself and Erin, only two (very awesome) people entered! Erin tells me it's because I made you do "research." Well, I don't want to strain anyone. Anyway, Lee and wincheck can have a pin, they can have a sticker- whatever. Up to them. Guys- email me your mailing addresses and preferences. Totally up to you.

Now, after re-approaching the drawing board...

It's trivia time! Everyone loves trivia!

OK, here goes.

What position player was elected to the Hall of Fame with the fewest number of hits to his MLB resume? This group does NOT include pitchers, or people voted into the Hall for reasons other than their playing careers (for example, Connie Mack is in as a manager, but played and had 659 career hits).

First one to get it right gets the pin. Try not to look it up- it's more fun to guess. I'm not going to be a nazi about it though. You can guess as many times as you want, but let's keep it to one guess a post. I'll come around to confirm/ deny periodically.

Again, winner gets either the Atlanta Braves 1B/ 3B Bob Horner pin, or can pick from a list of other ones I'm offering up if they'd prefer. I'll throw in a BSM sticker too, since I love you all so very dearly.

Ten hours to go...

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