10 April 2006

Lester, Ortiz, Crisp...

Today marks Jon Lester's AAA/ Pawtucket debut. Gametime 6:05, against Rochester. You can follow the action here, where the PawSox' boxscore will update periodically.

Further, Herald's Clubhouse Insider confirms two bits of late night rumor from last evening:

First, that David Ortiz' four year, approximately $12 million extension is to be announced today at 3PM. Should be exciting. I'll have more on this later.

Second, it would appear that Crisp's "jammed" finger has turned out to be a "broken knuckle," the severity of which is still being debated. The club plans to address the issue at the 3PM press conference.

More to come tonight on the Sox in Baltimore, "The Sopranos," and my Super Secret Umpire Project for this coming season...

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