06 April 2006

Kwick Kay...

OK, real quick notes on Michael Kay tonight as I watch the A's/ Yankees game on YES (just got a whole lot more interesting in the A's 8th). Among other things, Kay said...

  • That Frank Thomas in the 90's was a probable Hall of Famer, but after his last two seasons, he wouldn't make it. Two injury years, in the end of his career. The best hitter of the 1990's. Has worked his way out of the Hall of Fame. Awesome.

  • Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, and Johnny Damon are all "future Hall of Famers."

  • Still does that thing where he painstakingly walks you through every permutation of a given situation before each pitch (bunts, team philosophy, etc) just so you know that he knows "what he's talking about." Obscenely annoying.

  • Bobby Murcer's still functionally retarded. Thought I'd mention it.

  • Felt the need to explain in detail that a foul ball bunt with two strikes was a strikeout.

  • Last night, he belabored the A's/ Moneyball/ they don't bunt thing, then sort of sighed before saying, "you know, you get sick of explaining the basic idea of Moneyball, but..." before proceeding to miss the point of the book worse than nearly anyone I've ever heard interpret it, which, given the way the book is applied by some baseball people, is saying a lot. It'd be like me saying, "well, you get sick of talking about what the Holocaust means, but..." before saying, "well, the Jews just made it up." Maybe that'd be a little worse, though. Anyway, he said it was something about not bunting and giving up outs. The book, not the Holocaust.

  • Has taken to calling the A's Joe Kennedy "the Patriarch," and thankfully hasn't found a reason to refer to "Constantino" Martinez (who's busy looking like someone punched him in the nose right before the camera turns on him at ESPN).

    Banner night in Yankeeland.

    Should have more tomorrow on the great, great Sox game and LOST sometime tomorrow. No- I don't think Papelbon is the new full time closer.

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