02 April 2006

The Greatest Day of the Year.

So, tomorrow is...




In case you forgot. I'm taking the day off, too- and it is going to be a baseball extravaganza-thon. Besides the Red Sox at Rangers, 2 PM ET on ESPN2 (which, to my deep, angry dismay, I've found is being covered by, among many, Steve Effing Philips), here's the games I'll be keeping an eye on-

WAS (L. Hernandez)
at 1 PM
NYM (T. Glavine)

FLA (D. Willis)
at 7 PM
HOU (R. Oswalt)

PIT (O. Perez)
at 2 PM
MIL (D. Davis)

SF (J. Schmidt)
at 7 PM
SD (J. Peavey)

NYY (R. Johnson)
at 10 PM
OAK (B. Zito)

The Mets game cos they're the Mets- but the Florida game for Hanley Ramirez, Jeremy Hermida and the rest of the Baby Marlins. In fact, I think I'll be close on them all season, more or less. The Brewers are, as mentioned, my NL team, so I'm duty-bound, and besides the Barry Bonds side-show, Jason Schmidt coming back should be worth keeping tabs on- and Jake Peavey's pretty fun to watch too. The Yankees are the Yankees. Interesting to watch.

They're also playing the A's, who represent my first serious regret prediction-wise. I've now convinced myself that there's no way they lose the AL West. Oh well.

Tonight's Opening Game (Indians/ White Sox) is in rain delay, but provided they end up getting the game in, the season's first hit was recorded by Jermain Dye, the first run scored by Juan Uribe, first RBI by Scott Podsednik, first strikeout by Mark Buehrle, first HR by Eduardo Perez. That would all be moot, however, if the rain doesn't go away, and they don't keep playing. So we'll see.

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