25 April 2006

Buchholz DL'd

Just in (sort of)- (here's the link, from the Greenville Online)- the Greenville Drive have put Clay Buchholz on the DL with a strained oblique (reported on SoSH, per a radio mention). He's expected to miss at least two starts.

So, that puts a small crimp in the prospect update plans, but lucky for you folks, I have a nice little backup plan. Now we'll update with every Jon Lester start, and it'll survive as the Lowrie/ Lester tracking until Clay makes his undoubtedly triumphant return. Thankfully this wasn't an elbow/ shoulder injury. Oblique injuries can take a long, tedious path to recovery, but shouldn't be too threatening. I don't believe it's an especially recurring type injury, although I suppose it could be in the right (actually, this would probably classify as "wrong") circumstances.

Cross your fingers for Clay.

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