28 March 2006

Nerd Alert.

I'm a nerd. A total, complete nerd. Want an example?

OK, so the other day I went online and got an authentic home Pedro Sox jersey- I figured I should strike while I had the opportunity before Mitchell & Ness started making them and selling them for $400 a pop. They were discounted too, since he's no longer with the team. I'd had an away- but it didn't really fit well, I wanted a home, and... well I'm a Pedro fanboy. Now it's a necklace.

So I decided that it'd be cool to go and buy the patch the Red Sox wore in what was- along with 2000- his career best season, one of the two best by a pitcher ever. By this of course I mean 1999, where he also had two of his best performances as a Red Sox- 9/10/99 against NYY and 10/11/99 against CLE. That year, when he won All Star Game MVP, Cy Young and the George-King-less AL MVP award, the Red Sox wore the Fenway All Star Game patch the entire season.

So I spent $15 buying it to put it on the jersey.

Yes, I am a nerd. I big, fat, giant nerd. BUT- when this 1999 authentic jersey's selling for $375 online, who'll be laughing then? Who? Who?!

Me. This jersey's going to look nose-hair tinglingly cool. So, feel free to be jealous.

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