15 March 2006

Booksale Nirvana!

I'm reasonably certain most people couldn't care less about this information, but every time I go (Wednesdays), I end up feeling like I hit the fucking lottery, and I have to share. So, if you're not interested- I can't blame you, but tough.

So in case you didn't read the other times I've mentioned it, there's an ongoing donation-supplied booksale over at the NYPL branch on 39th and 5th. Basically, hardcovers run for, on average, a buck and a half. The paperbacks, however, are fifty cents a piece, and three for a dollar. In other words- buy two, get one free. Today, I came out with two hardcovers that were a dollar each, and had five paperbacks, which meant I needed to find a sixth for free. Since I had basically picked the section clean, I went with an author I don't really like, in an effort to give him another chance- Hemingway. Here's what I got (eight books for FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS!):

  • Primary Colors, by Anonymous

  • Sophie's Choice, by William Styron

  • Troilus and Criseyede, by Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Lord of the Flies, by William Golding

  • Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw

  • The Last Temptation of Christ, by Nikos Kazantzakis

  • The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain, by Mark Twain

  • The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway

  • That's the end of the story. Just thought I would share.

    I'm thinking of cataloguing all my books, sort of like I did for my CDs/ DVDs. Letting my supernerd flag fly. I like having them all kept track of. Keep an eye out for it- and please resist the urge to hold your breath for it as well. I know that can add to the excitement, but it's really not healthy you know.

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