17 March 2006

B-R Sponsorships

Since my sponsorship of Gabby Hartnett at B-R.com is expiring soon, I figured that, instead of renewing it, I'd pass him on and pick up a couple new sponsorships.

So, I'm excited to say I've purchased sponsorships for Warren Spahn and Dan Quisenberry. I'm really excited to be able to put my site name on both- Spahn being one of the greatest LHP of all time (Bill James ranked him the 5th greatest SP of all time, behind only Walter Johnson, Lefty Grove, Pete Alexander and Cy Young in his Historical Baseball Abstract), and Quisenberry being not only one of the greatest relief pitchers ever, but such an incredibly witty and bright guy. The type you tend to see far too often in baseball- of course, that goes as well for Spahn and his legendary wit.

Here's a list of the B-R pages I am sponsorshing:

Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown
Gabby Hartnett
Dan Quisenberry
Wilbur Joe "Bullet" Rogan
Warren Spahn
1931 Philadelphia Athletics

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