18 February 2006

Pitchers and Catchers, Pt. 2

Couple more first day pictures:

Also, a quote from Coco:

'To be honest," Crisp said, ''I don't even know Johnny Damon. I hear he was a good person, the whole rock thing. He was a good ballplayer. Myself, I'm a good person. I don't rock out. At the same time, I like to have fun, too. Clown around with the fans. Just be myself."

The parallels of the changing of the guard from Johnny Damon (Mike's old favorite player) to Coco (who I'm predicting will be Mike's new favorite player by May) and the move from a guy who thinks he's a "rock star" to a guy who IS a rapper (recorded a song too) fits nicely with how Mike is currently obsessed with rap and wanting to be black.

I'm just saying is all.

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