08 February 2006

New Book, Gauntlet, Convos...

Finished The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt last night, aided by a very slow subway ride home. Tremendous book- 800 pages and it fucking flew right by. I'm excited to get on with Theodore Rex, but as I mentioned, I'm going to break the two up with some fiction I planned on catching up on. To start, I've cracked The Plot Against America, Philip Roth's 2004 novel about the kind of country we would have been after changing one world event- the election of noted isolationist and Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindberg to President of the United States. Told from the point of view of Roth as a third grader (at the start of the book, of course).

The initial description of the Jewish neighborhood in New Jersey he grows up in was fantastic- without divulging details, he sets up the gravity of Lindberg's "nomination" really well. Off to a good start. I'm looking forward to getting into it.

Normally I don't like to do this, but I've been thinking about the next few I intend to read- I think I'm going to re-read Lolita after Plot, followed by Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Conrad's Heart of Darkness. I usually end up changing that as I go, though.

I think the thought of having about ten million books on the dock makes me read faster, which is cool. I recently bought A Brief History of Time and The Autobiography of Charles Darwin too, so add those to the gigantic pile.

So yea, apparently this was in the Boston Globe today. Gotta give him credit for that. I personally think he's dumber than a hockey bag full of hammers, and that some of the stuff he says is a direct result of that (and not some specific, new-sprung malice towards Sox fans). I think he actually got it in his head that the fair-market offer meant that we didn't actually want him, and I think at the last minute, he decided to really stick it to them because of that. I think he WILL regret that, and I think he does already (pining for all his old teammates to join him, for example).

But giving credit where it's due- this sort of thing is a cool thing to do. That's all.

New LOST tonight. Updates, breakdowns, whatever you want to call it to come tomorrow. I'm excited- tonight looks like a barnburner. Plus, more Sayid, which is good for the show, I think.

In completely unrelated news- The Gauntlet sucked nards on Monday, because they played that stupid, "they're gonna hook up" card with Alton and Frosty Face, and it was total bullshit. Good. What a fucking mismatch.

The only thing that got me was everyone's reaction to the Gauntlet. Perhaps it was all some planned red herrings, which they do to pump up drama, but when little spark(roid?)plug Derrick was to face big, blubbery, brickwall Syrus, and the former had choice of contest, everyone scoffed at his choice. He went with "Beach Brawl" (two guys in a circle, wrestle, throw em out of the ring- best of five), and everyone was sure he'd signed his death warrant since Syrus had "70 lbs and half a foot on him."

Except that any retard can see that Derrick can get nice and low to the ground and just blow Syrus' knees out from under him, and that Syrus would be sucking wind in approximately no seconds. Which is exactly what happened.

Whatever. Kinda sad I can predict the outcome of these challenges, huh?

Two seperate exchanges I felt were necessary to reproduce here:

ME: OK, you're dating a chick, right, and you're really getting into her. you decide to marry her.

turns out, her last name is hendrix.

how seriously would you consider just taking her last name, as pussified and whipped as that is?

MIKE: Yeah I totally would. Especially cause even if someone was like u pussy you took ur wife's last name i'd be like yeah so...it's fucking hendrix

ME: yea. "dude, my last name's hendrix, which means im tougher than you, so don't start a fucking fight. bad idea."

The second, which operates the duel role of mentioning how I've downloaded and really like Google Talk, and showing the conversation. But yeah, Google talk is cool. Easy to use, and it AUTOMATICALLY saves all your backs-and-forth on your email account. Really cool.

So yea, here it is:

Referring to this month's Vanity Fair, which features all sorts of naked hot chicks. Or so says Erin.

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