03 January 2006

People for Dinner in History...

OK, Erin and I have been talking about this, and though it's the most obvious thing in the world to do on, say, a blog, that doesn't mean it's not fun. Anyway, it's the old "Who from history do you invite to dinner?" game. Since I have a lot of trouble confining myself in such instances, I've decided to make it a nice, big, dinner party. Ten guests. Anyone from history, ever, living, dead, otherwise. Gandhi, Washington, your Pappy, your aunt, Oliver Cromwell. Whatever. The fun of it, to me, is deciding on who you want based on why. In other words, it being a dinner party, maybe you want Julia Child over JFK. Or, for instance, since you've all gotta talk and hang out, maybe you want some comedians to lighten the load over some depressed Russian novelist.

I mean, there are people you especially admire, but do you want them over someone you find more interesting? Would there be a more interesting dinner guest than, say, Hitler? Would you be able to resist the urge to strangle him (and is he "alive"? An apparition? Weird...)? Or would you rather talk to, say, Billy Graham?

The hardest, for me, was to narrow down the US Presidents, whom I find particularly interesting. So I picked my two favorite. Here they are, and the rest:

  1. Abraham Lincoln

  2. Harry S Truman

  3. Pedro Martinez

  4. James Joyce

  5. Leonardo da Vinci

  6. Jerry Seinfeld

  7. Dave Chappelle

  8. John Lennon

  9. Kurt Cobain

  10. Billy Wilder

OK, so first of all, before you ask, da Vinci comes with a translator that does NOT count against my total. That way I can understand him. In case that wasn't clear. There are specific reasons for all of them, but there's something more fun to me about not explaining them.

Just missing the cut: Golda Meir, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Kaufman, Hank Aaron, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Franklin, Allen Ginsberg, Edgar Allen Poe, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, Marlon Brando, General William Tecumseh Sherman... I could go on.

What're yours?

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