07 December 2005

Brewers Stuff...

My Brewers (heh) have completed two trades today.

The first:

Wes Obermueller, RP

Dan Kolb, RP

This is one of those "the Devil you know" trades, it seems to me. Melvin spun Kolb off last winter after he managed to navigate a highwire act with his dominating performance despite a miniscule K rate. Getting Jose Capellan from Atlanta, who intended to use Kolb as their new closer with John Smoltz' return to the bullpen.

Kolb, of course, imploded, and Capellan continued to develop, showing good stuff in ~15 IP for Milwaukee in 2005. Now, for the nothing-special 5+ ERA guy in Obermueller, Milwaukee gets a good groundball relief pitcher to help setup Derrick Turnbow. Great trade, low impact.

Lyle Overbay, 1B

David Bush, SP
Gabe Gross, OF
Zach Jackson, LHP

This trade is a little more interesting, complicated. I think the Brewers were always going to deal Overbay, but the coyness on that front was more in the interest of leverage. They have Prince Fielder ready to play and start, and Overbay was a good way to get some valuable parts.

What I think they did was go looking for SP, and lowered their demands on the quality of the pitching in order to expand the haul to include Gross and Jackson. Gross is a former top prospect in the Jays' system- a cheap corner OF who projects to have good plate discipline and medium power. He was underwhelming in limited duty with Toronto in 2005 (he was actually my preseason darkhorse AL ROY pick).

Jackson isn't anything special, but he's young, left-handed and has a decent K rate. Got beat up pretty bad in AAA last year, however. David Bush, the centerpiece of the deal, would likely slot in nicely as the Brewers' #5 starter. Bush is young (26 in 2006), improving, and has some upside. Shouldn't be much more than a #4 starter, but he's cheap and effective. He'll need a few more innings moving forward, but that can come.

I think I would have rathered see Melvin go after a better SP for this, or a 3B and sign, say, Jarrod Washburn, but this isn't bad. It's a good trade for Toronto as well, who unfortunately have gotten rather good rather quick this offseason.

I'm not going to get into it just yet without it having happened, but let's just say that if this talk is true, it would have the potential to be one of the five best trades in franchise history, and better than the Josh Beckett deal. That's all I'm saying though.

In fact, I'm praying that within hours this is being read as "wow, wherever he is, BSM must be excited, cos it happened."

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