16 November 2005

LOST Diary 11/16/05

I'm going to be stealing some food off Bill Simmons' table tonight by doing a running diary of tonight's episode, minute-by-minute. Apparently it's an "extended episode," but by my TV Guide thinger, it's only by four minutes. Whoopee.

This is apparently the episode detailing the plight of the tailies from Day One on the island. I don't know why, but my expectations for this week's show are unusually high. I think it's gonna be fantastic. I'm excited.

Check back after the episode for transcription...

I don't know why, but my expectations for this week's show are unusually high. I think it's gonna be fantastic. I'm excited.

Well, not to toot my own horn, but I was right. Spectacular episode. One of my favorite of the series thus far. This was a device they used earlier in the season to really, really great effect- the telling of a story along parallel timelines. It just adds to the general tone and ominous nature of the show. OK, here we go...

9:00- We see the beach, calm as a church mouse, and then out of the clear blue sky falls the tail of the plane, plummeting into the water. One of the key parts of the tailies' story- their plane landed in the ocean and (presumably) sank. Supplies, food- everything foraged from the fuselage on the other end of the island- is unuseable.

9:01- There's Mr. Eko, emerging from the plane/ water. Puts to rest the theory that he was an Other/ Nigerian drug smuggler from the Boone death plane. On a side note, the casting of Adebisi (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in real life) was a masterstroke. I fucking love that big giant African guy.

9:01- First sight of the little teddy bear that Jin and Eko see being dragged around by the Others earlier in the season. It belongs to a little boy from the tail section survivors.

9:03- What was the deal with those crawl marks in the sand as the camera craned back for commercial? Looked like it was in a pattern... probably nothing.

9:07- It looks like so far, Libby WAS on the plane and is likely NOT a plant a la Ethan Rom.

9:10- Something about this Goodwin I don't like. He's played by Brett Cullen, the asshole QB in The Replacements, Eddie Martell. He's marked for life by me for that.

9:12- Mr. Eko appears to have been either a priest or an exceptionally Holy guy. Tells Bernard no fewer than three times that he will "pray for [blank]." Interesting.

9:12- Whoa! It's the dude from that awful NBC show ED, Josh Randall! The one that bought crack from a hobo in NYC and ran off and smoked it with him! I saw him in a Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Center once buying stuff for a monologue before going on an audition. He's "Nathan."

9:13- What the FUCK?! Mr. Eko is standing over two guys, who appear to be dead- he's covered in blood, he's grimacing, looking brutal? Are those Others? Here comes commercial...

9:18- ...they were Others. Interesting that Eko was able to can two of them at once. Kind of kills that theory that they were somehow superhuman in strength or something. They did manage to take two adult males, however- meaning they're not just interested in children. Weird!

9:19- Stewardess Cindy gives a bit more clarification on the flightpath, though not drastically different than the one given by the pilot in Season One, episode two. She says "the pilot said we lost communication with the tower... we were flying for two hours in the wrong direction- they won't know where to look!"

9:20- Buncha guys runnin' around trying to choke a chicken. Ah- they got it. Dinner time.

9:22- They're setting something fishy up with Nathan. Disappearing into the jungle. Odd looks.

9:23- Well, here comes another Others abduction- more people this time, with the two kids being grabbed first.

9:24- WHOA! Ana seems to have iced an Other, and found a knife and a frigging LIST ON HER! Of the survivors on the beach! Names, appearances, etc.! How the frig did they get that?! Why nine of them?

9:32- Suspecting Nathan of being an Other plant, Ana digs Ye Olde Ditche Trap that we are very well acquainted with. It's the same that Sawyer, Michael and Jin will be held captive in later on (but in an earlier episode- got that?).

9:34- Ana interrogating Nathan on being an Other. Why isn't he answering? Why isn't he proclaiming innocence if he is? I'm inclined to think it isn't him, given the red herring possibilities.

9:38- Looks like Goodwin offed Nathan. I'm guessing that somehow means he's innocent, otherwise they wouldn't have killed him so soon... right?

9:42- Interesting that Goodwin doesn't mention that he killed Nathan. He's gotta be a primse suspect now...

9:43- The party, moving on in assuming Nathan ran off to be with his friends, finds the hatch we see them in in earlier episodes. Big, huge closeup of Dharma logo.

9:43- QUARANTINE label inside hatch door, just like in Locke/ Boone's hatch.

9:44- They're in the bunker. They have electricity. The seem to find a trunk full of some personal effects. From what I can see, they find:
  • Blankets

  • Holy Bible

  • Glass Eye (what the fuck?)

  • A radio

  • One Swedish made penis enlarger pump (ha. kidding.)

  • 9:46- Goodwin's definitely fishy. He and Ana are attempting to get a better signal, and are conversing. He's the plant, I know it.

    9:47- Knife found on the person of the Other Ana killed is a US Military knife. That's gotta be something pretty big.

    9:49- Knew it. Goodwin's an Other.

    9:50- WHOA- big info, coming fast- Nathan was killed because he knew Ana'd find out he was innocent... Nathan "wasn't a good person" which is why "he wasn't on the list." Claims the "children are fine" and are "probably better off"...

    9:51- Ana wins the Deathmatch, Goodwin dead.

    9:51- Bernard on the radio... BOONE!!!! Man, I just got chills- Boone's call from the creepy drug smuggler biplane, where we hear a voice say "WE'RE the survivors of flight 815" was Bernard- and we're hearing it from the other end! Unreal. Great moment. Ana ends the moment. Shock. Says that the voice is a trick, it's the Others.

    9:54- Ana Lucia crying by a brook. Eko breaks his silence, to her surprise. He says, "it's been 40 days." 40 days since he talked, 40 days until she cried. Biblical reference.

    9:59- Jin washes up on shore, found by Cindy and Libby. Begin the footage and information we have, a dramatic recreation of the events leading up to...

    10:02- Ana shoots Shannon- no doubter. It's Ana, it's a gun, it kills Shannon. Sayid, just like last week, looks really upset. Everyone else still looks shocked/ confused.

    10:04- Scenes from next week- first thing I notice is a shot of Ana firing the gun, the one she said only had one bullet left in it. One would think she'd used it already. Anyway, looks great next week- Sayid/ Ana comes to a head, more stuff from inside the hatch, Jack remembers Ana... and on and on...

    Jeezus I can't WAIT.

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