07 October 2005

The Song is Over...

I'm not depressed- not really. I'm more mourning the end of baseball than I am bemoaning the chance the Red Sox had being blown.

Let's be honest- not only was Chicago the better team, but the fact that this isn't one more year of spiralling abyss without a title eases the pain. Instead of furiously marching around the Upper East Side trying to burn off the pain of another fruitless season, I can confidently and excitedly look forward to the Hot Stove Season, wondering how we're going to build back up and get back to the playoffs, something we did, this season, for the third year in a row (a feat most fan's teams can't experience).

The 2005 Red Sox entered the year fairly flawed, and after losing their best starting pitcher and their relief ace, it was a difficult haul even to the playoffs. People neglect to mention- it wasn't simply a loss of Schilling and Foulke, it was that they were injured/ bad, and actually went unreplaced. So instead of having them out and getting the chance to plug the holes with passable or league average pitching at their position (a la the lottery-hitting of Small and Chacon), we had two ace pitchers perform like Omar Daal and Danny Graves in a significant amount of innings.

Hopefully, when we look back at 2005, we'll see a team that was a "tweener"- shorthanded due to a poor trade market, a miscalculation on the free agent market, and a lot of injuries/ risks that hampered the team for the interim. Hopefully it will be considered a "tweener" team because the Red Sox roared back in 2006.

I'm going to do a season retrospective tomorrow, with a list of the ten best games of the year, awards, grades, and what I would do for 2006.

Let's go get em next year, Sox.

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