04 October 2005

Papi Offering: Playoffs Edish...

Well, here we are. Another title run. Let's go get it, boys.

"You remember Aquaman, dude? I'm like Aquaman- no situation you can put me in where I fail, bro. On land? I ain't huffin' or puffin'. Put me under water- I can swim past anyone, and I got gills, dude. You know? Like, 9th inning, down 2 with 2 guys on, Jenks is in... that's like I'm under water. And I got gills, dude. I got gills. Let's do this again bro, cos this ain't apple sauce, or barbecue sauce... THIS IS RED SOX, BABY."

--(W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W) (W)--
Sox in 05

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