18 October 2005

One Year Ago Today...

Game Four was ending on the biggest HR in Red Sox history, and some 17 hours later, The Greatest Game in Baseball History began and ended with the same player- David Ortiz propelling the Red Sox back to New York to finish off the Yankees.

I still get goosebumps typing these things.

Michael and I hung out on Sunday talking about it for the umpteenth time, rehashing a ton of things- like how Erin and I had a fight about Game Four- she wanted to watch it, and I was too heartsick after Game Three to want to. She won out after around 15 minutes. I remember how I screamed when David Ortiz' HR cleared the fence, a sound I didn't even think I had in me. I remember it almost licensed me to not care about the end of the season if that was what came- I had Game Four, I had Papi in the 12th off Quantrill.

But that was the thing- I felt buoyed. And after Game Five, the latter stages of which were simply agonizing in the best and brightest way imaginable, I felt momentum, I felt like we couldn't lose, it seemed preordained. Of course, my feeling was that of a fan miles away, and that's why we had to play (and win) those last two.

But that stretch of time- those ten days, from October 17th to the 27th- represents one of the great times in my entire life. When I think of Keith Foulke striking out Tony Clark- the moment before it, with Erin and I in cold sweats in NY, and the moment after, crying out like I'd just had the most amazing release, the most bizarre high. Laying on the floor in Mike's room after Game Seven, watching ESPN in the dark and just soaking ALL of it in- the 5 AM train into work the next day with Erin, the idea of seeing a WORLD SERIES game at FENWAY PARK just a few days hence. Watching World Series games with Mike, Erin, my Mom, Colleen, my 88 year old grandmother. "This is WORLD SERIOUS guys!" she said.

What an amazing, amazing time, and what an unbelievable pair of games one year ago today.

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