31 October 2005

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

Mike is seen here in a full Ghostbuster regalia, an ensemble that says, those ghosts might scare me, but I doctorate in physics, I've done my homework, and I WILL bust those little goblins! Replete with full jumpsuit, rubberized boots and gloves, to ward off that NASTY ectoplasm! Posing here with his badass raygun, Mike couldn't be more fearsome, and couldn't say louder, to all the ghouls of NYC... "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

And for what it's worth, I'm not sure what he used for his proton pack gun there, but I'm reasonably sure, despite how it looks, that it's NOT a penis enlarger pump. I don't think Mike would risk breaking his by bringing it to school and out on the town tonight. Thought I'd point that out.

I was pretty psyched for Halloween this year, actually. I was going to dress up as Hunter S Thompson actually, which would have been perfect, and I assume Erin and I could have found something to do. But here's the thing- I (for some reason) assumed Halloween was on the weekend. Turns out- it wasn't. It was on Monday. Today. So you can't really go and dress over the weekend, because what if no one else does? So I show up dressed like a mescaline-addicted mental patient and Erin walks alongside me looking like Sprout from the Green Giant commercials... and the venue is full of the usual attire, it's no fun. That's like high school all over again.

Speaking of high school, like a lot of them, mine allowed seniors to dress up (I went to an all boy's Jesuit prep school) and have a "best costume" contest. Now, realizing that my school was made up of a lot of rich, asshole pricks who's sense of humor flows largely from Adam Sandler movies (not that those aren't great...), I probably should have come up with something that "read" a little better. But, instead, I woke up that morning having not planned, and rushed it. I threw on the Superman logo tshirt I had, and following suit, I started to be intentionally sloppy in my Superman getup. I safety-pinned a Superman towel around my neck to make a cape, and I put on jeans and pulled a pair of red plaid underwear over them. Then, I put on some red Chuck Taylors and ran out the door.

When we were having the contest, we did it at lunch with the pussies who didn't dress up voting via applause. We had to line up, go to the microphone, and say what/ who we were. So when my turn came, I slunk over to the mic, took a long breath, looking out at the lunch crowd staring at me, and I drew a breath. In a thick Eastern European accent, I bellowed, "I am EURO- Superman!."

cricket, cricket.

Then the emcee (a fellow student; asshole) did one of those "Oh-kaaay..." and I remembered why I never extended myself and stuck my neck out there to begin with. Perfect.

But I still think that's funny. Euro-Superman! I was also regular Superman around age 6 (including another year when I was- no joke- ROBIN). My mom is a Matisse with DIY Halloween outfits.

After bouts of mediocrity and flat-out uninspiring episodes (though the Kamikaze Bingo one wasn't bad), Curb Your Enthusiasm was back last night with an ace episode ("Ah... I'll be eenie. Yeah. I'll be eenie.") One of the best parts of the episode? One of my absolute favorites, Frank Whaley, played Pete, the "known felon." Good stuff.

"Is that porn back there?"
"Oh, no- that's... that's a friend's... I didn't even know that was there."

Here are some Whaley career highlights:

  • That episode of The State where he played himself. Choice.

  • Field of Dreams- I hate this movie, but he was a saving grace.

  • Little Monsters- Fred Savage/ Harvey Keitel vehicle, I saw this movie like fifteen times. He has a bit part.

  • Born on the Fourth of July- the first of his Oliver Stone collaborations. Plays Tom Cruise's buddy.

  • The Doors- another shit movie that he provided the bright spot in. He was Robby Krieger.

  • Career Opportunities- Oscar-worthy. His first lead, with Jennifer Connelly at the height of her powers. I've only ever seen this one on TV- does she get naked in this? Should I rent it again?

  • JFK- plays that Oswald imposter. Part of a pattern- he could lead a smaller movie, then turn around and have 10 seconds of screentime in a "bigger" movie. He's a tweener that way. Interestingly enough, he played Lee Harvey in a TV movie soon after this.

  • Pulp Fiction- "Look at the big brain on Brett! You a smart mothafucker, man."

  • Swimming with Sharks- this is that movie where he plays Spacey's assistant, and Spacey is this complete douchebag maniac. People always fawn over Spacey in this movie- they do in all his movies, but like almost all his performances, Spacey is both over-the-top, annoying, and not really believable. Also like a lot of his movies, he's outshone by someone better- in this case, Whaley, who kidnaps Spacey and tortures him. Good stuff.

  • School of Rock- he was the guy at the Battle of the Bands that denied Jack Black's kids entry. The perfect Whaley sighting- he can show up anywhere, any time, in ANY movie/ TV show. It's unreal- one appearance he's anchoring a movie (Sharks), the next he's popping up in uncredited cameos with a small handful of lines. Something I love about the guy.

  • Interestingly enough, he was also in The Freshman which, for some reason, I've never seen.

    "It's, uh... Big Kahuna Burger."

    Looks like he's coming back, 3 yrs, $4.5 million. Phew.

    I'm sorry, but this absolutely cracked me up. It's been a while since I made some fun of BDD, and he's just begging for it here.

    Are Overzealous Adult Fanboys, Annoying Autograph Hounds, Pocket-Camera Paparazzi and Restaurant Rubberneckers Driving Our Players Out of Boston?

    Steve Silva is paid by the Globe (or, excuse me, the AHEM Boston.com people) to be an "adult fanboy." He creates content for his site by posting pictures from "pocket-camera paprazzi," (like, you know, this) and he often rumor-mongers via "restaurant rubberneckers." He calls this post "A NATION OUT OF BOUNDS."

    Sorry, I just thought that was REALLY funny.

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