23 October 2005


What have I been doing? Not a whole lot. One thing I have been is staying on pace with Lost, and after a somewhat underwhelming episode this past Wednesday, the scenes from next week start off with an almost jubilant- "Three weeks from tonight..." My fucking head almost exploded. That's just not right.

And speaking of Lost inspired head explosions, I was walking around my neighborhood Thursday night and saw one of these MEGA MILLIONS lotto ads that updates the pot total every day. Check the picture out. $108 million. I almost passed out until I realized this wasn't my TV screen, and this was the real world. God damn though. $108 million! Sorry for those of you non-Lost-viewers. You probably don't get that.

I also took some old video games in for trade and picked up the new The Warriors game from Rockstar. Besides nailing the visual aspects of the game, including semi-faithful recreations of various NYC locales (something I love), and doing the right thing by getting all the original actors to reprise their voice-over roles, the game is just really fun. I read this in a magazine somewhere, so I'm blatantly stealing the notion, but the game's a lot like a cross between Manhunt and GTA Vice City/ San Andreas. It's not as good as either of those games- great as it is- but there are key similarities between both.

You gotta love a game that uses narcotics as "health re-ups." Great stuff.

I got a franchise Montreal Expos hat- the tri-color glory- too, but the San Diego Padres Taco Bell franchise hat I ordered was on backorder "until December 2004." Terrible job, Starstruck. Terrible.

Gettin' the tattoo(s) on November 19th/ 20th when Mike visits next. No idea where yet- that seems like a pretty big part of the tattooing process. Any NYCers with parlor recommendations are WELCOME. Pics of the tattoo to come.

You'll notice as well these pictures are a very specific kind of grainy- very true. It's cos they were taken with my new camera phone, which Verizon threw in free of charge when Erin and I re-upped for our next two year "contract." It is, without a doubt, the most poorly functioning camera of all time... but it still works. Just not well.

Case in point- here are some pictures of Wanda in 1/2 of her Halloween costume today, at the local dog Halloween costume contest. Anyway, these are the ones I took of Wanda- she was going as a SlinkyDog, and you can see here her tail, made up of a piece of wire made to look Slinky, during 1 of the 45 total seconds it actually managed to stay attached to her. Wanda didn't win, but it was a cool costume. Her mid-section was made out of air-duct light grade metal tubing. Erin's dad made it. There was also this really obnoxious woman who was one of those people that sort of let their dogs dictate what was going to happen- it was this huge Golden Retriever, and it kept coming over and engaging Wanda in some grabass, nearly toppling five-foot-nothing Erin over in the process MULTIPLE times, including when she was trying to get shit with Wanda's costume squared away. The whole time she'd just let the dog go and say "Awww!" Fucking idiot. And her dog won a prize! Total travesty.

So we're underway in the 2005 World Series, aka, the "Tim Doesn't Know His Baseball Ass from a Baseball Hole in the Ground." I picked Houston to finish behind Milwaukee this year, and Chicago behind Minnesota and Cleveland. So don't listen to me like, ever.

Normally I would think, well, this disqualifies me from prediction eligibility, but then I thought, "no, it's your blog dude. No one will care." So here it is... even with a Chicago Game One win...

I pick Houston. If this is a series battled by pitching staffs- I'd pick Houston's. But that said- I pick them with little degree of certainty. Chicago is pretty hot right now, so one never knows.

I'm rooting for Houston as well. Here are the pros and cons of rooting for both teams:

  1. Craig Biggio

  2. Jeff Bagwell

  3. They've never won.

  4. I am a Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge, Lance Berkman and Chad Qualls fan.

  5. The more shots of those 1980's carnival uniforms, the better.

  1. Roger Clemens (actually, he's more in between. I really just don't hate him anymore. I just can't. Same with Pettitte.)

  2. Their stadium. Blech.

  3. They're a terribly boring team to watch. That offense is putrid.

  4. Brandon Backe. Celebrate AFTER you win, bro.

  5. Barbara Bush is a fan. Let's put it this way- the more emotionally involved she is in the Astros winning, the more I back off rooting for them.

  1. Aaron Rowand, Paul Konerko, Juan Uribe, Jermaine Dye, Mark Buehrle. I'm a fan of these players.

  2. Frank Thomas. Player of the 90s.

  3. They haven't won since 1917.

  4. The fact that, after the Red Sox in 2004, the White Sox winning would cause Jim Belushi and every other douchebag Cub fan's head to explode.

  1. Ozzie Fucking Guillen. Nuff Said.

  2. Their ballpark. Blech.

  3. Scott Podsednik, Jon Garland, Jose Contreras, El Duque, Carl Everett, AJ Pierzynski. I'm not a fan of these players. Whatsoever.

  4. Kenny Williams

  5. Jerry "The Firesaler" Reinsdorf

  6. They haven't won since 1917... including nearly killing the sport in 1919.

  7. The referendum on "smallball"- which they don't really play- that will rain down if they win. Joe Morgan is probably rooting with his whole heart and soul.

  8. Hawk Fucking Harrelson. Nuff Said again. Sort of- if the White Sox win and I have to hear that gasbag fawn like a drunk groupie for an entire season, I'll fucking go crazy. Shit like that begs for comeuppance. It's not fair.

  9. Their fans voted Scott Podsednik to an All Star team.

All very scientific, clearly. To me, the Biggio/ Bagwell thing takes precedence. Two extraordinarily underappreciated ballplayers.

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