19 September 2005

Odds and Ends...

...while I sweat out the end of the 2005 season... 11 mojo, baby.

First- a quick rumor report- looks like Craig Hansen and Hanley Ramirez may have been called up for Monday's game.

  • Watching the Mets/ Braves game Saturday, Tim McCarver was working on jackass overtime. First, with Rafael Furcal on first and Andruw Jones up, Furcal took off for second with the pitch and Jones, trying to chop up Piazza's rhythm a bit faked and pulled back on a bunt as it came home. As soon as it happened, McCarver called bullshit.

    "I really believe that play should be called obstruction- when you know Jones isn't trying to bunt, and is just attempting to disrupt Piazza's throw somehow, it should be obstruction. I mean, Jones has 50 HRs! You know he's not bunting!"

    He went on to say how effective the move is in disrupting the catcher's timing (speaking from experience), and how it isn't fair. Play-by-play guy Josh Lewin called the at bat "our first bit of controversy today," which was hilarious. Hilarious because they were the only two people anywhere (and that's assuming Lewin wasn't being generous despite thinking McCarver full of shit) who considered it controversial. It's not. How does an umpire determine if there is clear intent to bunt, Tim? How about if there was a missed sign, and a runner tried to steal instead of jumping off on a sacrifice, but the batter pulled back the bunt because it was a ball- is that an out too? Just too stupid for words.

    McCarver also seemingly has this pet peeve against the phrase (and concept) of "he's on pace for..." In other words, when a batter is at, say, 25 HRs on the season through 81 games, and someone says, "he's on pace for 50 HRs." McCarver hates that. He bristles at it and mocks it like there is a legitimate gripe- and when Lewin tried to point out how many RBI Jones was "on pace for," McCarver audibly rolled his eyes and groaned, "I'm on pace to live forever..." sarcastically.

    Except that's not true. And he doesn't like it because he just doesn't understand it- it's only a fairly simple and harmless point about how a player has been producing so far. McCarver gets all riled up because he assumes the comment is meant to point out how much a hitter is likely to do- "they could get hurt tomorrow! They could retire in a week! It doesn't make sense!" That, of course, isn't the point. It's a way of telling the viewer how the player has done so far in the context of a full season. But by all means Tim, get pissed at that. Scooter is really entertaining and informative. Way to go.

    The dumbest comment, though (at least that I heard- I didn't watch every out) was in reference to Carlos Beltran. Lewin was commenting on Beltran's season, how he's been a disappointment, and labeling his performance as being "underachieving." When McCarver responded, his tone was aubibly rising, almost disgusted. "You know, 'underachieving' is one of these politically correct words. I'm sorry, but when you're being paid $120 million dollars, and you have the year Carlos Beltran has had, you've had a bad year. A bad year."

    That's one way of looking at it. Another would be "he started decent, got hurt, played hurt much of the year, then had a gruesome head on collision with his RF and played through THAT as well. Results weren't what he'd hoped or expected... but the dude was banged up all season."

    Just sayin'.

  • Those Capital One commercials with David Spade and that fat goofy dude with the girly scream- I thought those were pretty funny until I realized what they're doing. They're trying to replicate the Farley/ Spade chemistry. Get Spade, insert goofy fall-down fat guy. Not saying they shouldn't have done it, just that realizing it bummed me out for some reason.

  • I shaved my head about a week ago. It was actually hard work- I have pretty thick red hair, and after about 45 minutes of lopping it all off with scissors, I had to break out the razor to get it down to skin. That took about another 30-40 mins. Hair is insidious, especially when there's that much of it. It was popping up everywhere, and I really was having a rough time getting rid of it. It wouldn't stop sticking to my skin and such. Ugh. Not fun. I enjoy the approximately 5 fewer pounds it affords me though.

  • I bought my first lottery ticket on Friday, apparently the NY Mega Millions had reached $250 million, so I felt like trying at least once. And guess what? I won! All $250 million! Really, I did!

    No, I really didn't.

  • I was watching the Nationals/ Padres game today, and when Mark Loretta come out for pinch runner Manny Alexander I thought my head was going to explode. Manny Alexander?! Ugh. Pass.

  • Always fun to see a guy get his first major league hit. Despite the absolute abortion that was today's game, way to go Alejandro. If that sounds Pollyanna, of course it is, but just trust me that you'd rather read that than my thoughts on the rest of the game.

  • 11 mojo, baby.

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