29 September 2005

Mojo Risin'...

We need a Papi offering today... paging Papi offering... Papi offering?

"Ha ha ha. Get dee fook away from me, man. I don't roll wit no chickens, dude. Four more games, you either in or you out- and if you out, I don't wanna know yo ass, dude. This isn't apple sauce, or barbecue sauce... THIS IS RED SOX, BABY".

Time for the Red Sox to go... to infinity... AND BEYOND!

The Bill Lee mojo will own the Yankees and ANYONE with a kind word to say for Don "the Gerbil" Zimmer.

Let's do this shit.

Listen, I know there hasn't been a ton of substance on this page for a while- lotta pictures and whatnot. But this is how I get when the pressure's on for the Sox. Gotta work the mojo. This will continue as well into October as the Red Sox once again storm the postseason castle to steal the booty and drink the mead and ride the horses back into town as triumphant victors. Just a warning.

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