21 September 2005

All David, All the Time...

First thing's first- little bit of kudos to MTV, of all places. For years I've been hearing like, rock kids and such complaining that "MTV doesn't even play videos anymore! They're called 'MTV,' but they don't play any music!" Very true.

But every time I hear that, I always think- who the hell watches music videos, anyway? I've never sat through more than three in a row in my life, and even that was a stretch (I must say, you get roped into a line of hilarious videos on VH1 Classic... well that channel might just disprove everything I'm saying here...)- so MTV is supposed to block out programming that's going to guarantee, at most, a 5-10 minute viewership? With all that cable competition? When they have cheap, easy-to-produce shows that idiot teenagers gobble up en masse ready to roll and turn to cash? Huh?!

So anyway, I'm watching this commercial on MTV the other day, and this kid wakes up and has a hairy palm. He's freaking out- he's jagged off way too much, and that urban legend his mother always warned him about actually came true. He gets it stuck in his locker, it fucks up his game in baseball, he has to try shaving it... not good. So finally the images subside and a title card comes up that says-


Hey, you gotta hand it to them. They're taking the piss right out of those hipster whiners. Come on, watch Date My Mom- you know you wanna.

Here at BSMemorial, after David Ortiz' 2 HR (his 3rd in 3 straight ABs) performance, with his 8 RBIs in the last two games, we feel compelled to go "all David, all the time" with as many fun Papi pictures as possible. Here are a couple- how about Pedro and David in Disney World post- World Series victory, and David last night, making pitcher Seth McClung very, very unhappy. Click and they shall enlarge...

It will be my (semi) daily sacrifice to the Papi- God.

So here's the deal- I love Erin's dog Wanda, she's great. Really cute, doesn't bark much at all, fairly obedient, and fun to be around. She's got a lot of personality.

But what she also has is a slight chewing problem. She chews on EVERYTHING- magazines, watches, shoes, socks, walls, TV stands, bedposts, cellphones, TV wires, plastic soda bottles. She's also nipped, in the past, at hats of mine that I leave in her reach when going to bed. Anyway, I've had this hat since they first made it available, and over the last five months, I've gotten it perfect- I broke it in with some tried-and-true methods:

  • warm water soak on whole hat, wear it while drying

  • warm water soak on bill/ front panels of hat, stretch tight to create wrinkles, let dry

  • take a Bic razor and clear off all the wool fuzz

  • sweat the living shit out of it

  • So the other night, before going to bed, I put my hat down near my book (which I take with me to work in the morning) for ease of escape when I woke up. Not thinking, that place was on the little plastic crappy "end table" we have, which is low enough for Wanda to reach.

    I woke up in the middle of the night- about 3 AM- to some sort of sound, and in the same way you think your alarm clock is a phone ringing, or any other odd delusional thought that pops into your head as you fall into consciousness, for some reason I was convinced Wanda had pinned down a mouse in our room and was having at it on our rug, torturing it.

    So I jumped up, flipped on the lights and saw that it was just a sock and one of her bones that she was chewing on- plus some debris from something else I didn't recognize. I reached down to look at it, and- in almost movielike fashion- it was the two little red socks from the patch on the side of the hat. My heart jumped up into my throat, and I followed the "debris" out to where what was left of the hat was sitting- a huge hole in the front of the hat, and about 45% of the left side of the hat completely devoured and gone. It was in tatters.

    I proceeded, as Erin can attest, to tweak out and get a little upset. Boy did it suck.

    But I forgive Wanda. Look at her. How could you not? I just ordered another one, though, and they ain't cheap.

    David Laurila over at RSN.net has a great interview posted with Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus, in which he made a number of interesting comments. Anyway, the one that struck me was this:

    RSN: Last one: In your opinion, who are the most underappreciated players today, and in MLB history?

    JS: Today, I'd look to maybe Jim Edmonds, who no one thinks of as a Hall of Famer but who already has more career value than a bunch of Hall of Fame center fielders. Jeff Kent, whose defense at its peak was much better than people gave him credit for, is another player with a similar profile.

    I got an especially big kick out of this considering it was something I was saying myself in an earlier post here:

    Now, Bernie's certainly lost a step or a thousand defensively over the last few years, but at his peak, he was a very good defender, and an excellent hitter. Thing is, Edmonds was a better defender, hasn't lost nearly the steps Williams has, and has had a much longer and stronger offensive peak than Williams as well. Bernie has the postseason pedigree, but since we're not debating his candidacy- just Edmonds'- it only raises Bernie to Edmonds' level, career-wise, and for that reason, I think they both get in. Jim Edmonds may be one of the most criminally overlooked all around baseball players of the last 40 years.

    He's a guy who, for one reason or another, never reached superstar status despite the fact that he is one of the great all around CF of all time. Cool to see Sheehan share that sentiment, but not surprising.

    Great interview all around, too- check it out.

    Finally, I wanted to link to a great interview with filmmaker Errol Morris in the most recent issue of The Onion. Errol is one of my favorite filmmakers, and as an interviewer, I happen to think he's the best on the planet. The Thin Blue Line, Mr. Death, Fog of War, Gates of Heaven. If they could get him his own network shows where he could interview politicians and other figures- that'd be fantastic. I'd love to watch that.

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