04 August 2005

It's Like Theo and I are on the Same Chill Wavelength, Man...

UPDATE! 8/4/05

Good thing I posted that Petagine article when I did- if I'd have culled all those articles and tables and such... and waited until I got out of work to post it- I would have been fucking upset. Why? Well, good news actually.

Because I wouldn't have needed to post it! John Olerud last night was officially placed on the 15-day DL, and the Red Sox have called up Roberto Petagine to take his spot. Due to Manny's collision with Renteria last night, in which Manny sustained contusions to his "nose and chest," leaving him day-to-day, he will get the day off today (Thursday) and Petagine will go right into the frying pan, batting cleanup against the Royals.

I'm going to do an at bat-by-at bat update here on this post as the game unfolds today (1 PM start time), so check back to see how Roberto fares his first time in a Boston uniform. I guess now would be the time for me to forecast what he eventually does- so I'll guess something in the neighborhood of an .825 OPS, 10 HR the rest of the year (probably far on the optimistic side), and a good deal of ABs. Worst case scenario has him staying the 15 days, going back with Olerud's return, and becoming our best LH bat off the bench in September.

It's very important as well to point out that no matter what Roberto does in the time allotted him by Olerud's DL time, that it isn't a significant amount of time to judge what he's worth. If he has a 1.450 OPS in that time, it doesn't mean we were right about Petagine, and if he hits like Millar, it doesn't mean we were wrong. Of course, if he doesn't hit, that fact won't matter, because Francona seems to like to go with the devil he knows, even despite some evidence to the contrary. We shall see. Here's rooting for a 4 HR day.

  • UPDATE 1:29
    : After striking out Johnny Damon, DJ Carrasco walked Edgar Renteria and David Ortiz. Petagine came up with runners on first and second, one out, worked the count to 2-0, and hit into a 4-6-3 double play.
    0-1, GIDP

  • 2:14
    : Edgar Renteria doubled home Johnny Damon with 2 outs, and after David Ortiz walked, Petagine grounded the first pitch he saw slowly to 2B.

  • 2:42
    : After Edgar Renteria doubled to clear the loaded bases, Royals pitcher Leo Nunez intentionally walked David Ortiz. After swinging and missing at the first pitch, Petagine took four straight balls for a walk to re-load the bases. He then scored on Jason Varitek's first career grand slam.
    0-2, BB, R

  • 3:15
    : Petagine took strike one to lead off the inning before hitting a sharp grounder to 1st.
    0-3, BB, R

  • 4:13
    : With a runner on first and one out, LHP Jeremy Affeldt on the mound for Kansas City, Francona elects to pinch hit Doug Mirabelli for Petagine. Affeldt is promptly replaced with RHP Ambiorix Burgos, who strikes Mirabelli out on 3 pitches.
    0-3, BB, R
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