15 August 2005

Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday Me (Again), the Notebook, HBO Comings Up...

Well, I was home this weekend for my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom), which is August 13th. She's now 51 (HOLY SHIT!), and my sister threw her a bitchin soiree in our backyard, which I felt compelled to attend despite the nearly 130 degree temperatures rotting my skin. My mom shares a birthday with, among others, Alfred Hitchcock and Fidel Castro. Which is pretty cool.

I got her a copy of Pete Hammil's Downtown and Ray on DVD. Not a bad haul for my mom. There was a keg at the party, but since I don't drink beer, I kept her street legal for the night, and crashed at like 1130 because Mike and I decided to play catch in the abominable, death-creating heat for fun.

We headed over to his high school, which has an artificial turfed football field open for anyone to wander on and do whatever (including the dirty hippie 'mos throwing a frisbee). We thought it would be fun to gut it out in the humidity soaked, 115+ degree heat, run to Cumberland Farms, and get giant slurpees to cool off. So we were playing catch, guttin' her out, sweating like schoolboy bitches, and all of a sudden we both noticed, almost simultaneously, that our feet started to feel really hit through our Chuck Taylors. The turf was so hot it was scalding our actual feet. Unreal.

The slurpees were literally so amazing, I can't commit words to it. I'm sorry.

Then on Sunday, in a torrential downpour, we headed over to our local little league field and decided to play "gratuitous infield diving practice," with predictable results. I took a few shots behind 2nd base that skidded up my thighs and made me bleed, which was painful, but tough-as-hell. Mike resorted to full on bellyflops into the far softer homeplate mud. We had to walk home too because we weren't about to ruin the inside of the car. It was a long walk, through some pretty furious lightning storms, so I don't mind saying you're lucky to be even reading this.

But really, the absolute PINNACLE of the weekend was seeing Casey Cilio's (Mike's best friend) Officer Parasite video on DVD. I could explain to you what was so funny about it- it's a video about a universally feared school security guard- but you really would need to meet Casey to get it. I'll post screencaps from it as soon as Mike sends me a copy. Pure genius.

Also, Mike will be going out for the high school baseball team this season, and I will be tracking his season stats here at BSM. Watch out- they won't be pretty.

So last week, Erin insisted on putting on the movie The Notebook, a piece of crap chick flick that was $30 million in budget away from the Lifetime network. Anyway, I watched (cue the whip sounds), and it was predictably awful. Ryan Gosling is, though, very put together and a joy to watch without a shirt on.

Anyway, the highlight of the movie came, for me, when the girl in this picture here was having a heartfelt, depressing "breakup" scene with Gosling. In the middle of the speech, she did this bizarre lip-lick move which, when paused (and seen here, with a picture taken of the frozen frame by me off our TV), was close to being the funniest thing ever. So here, I'm sharing. Ridiculous, innit?

Even though this week's episode of Entourage totally sucked (I think it's a good show- funny, usually- I just don't think it's even close to being 'great'- it gets way too boring way too often), the commercials right before it had me fucking PUMPED. Not only is this clearly bitchin' new Rome show starting up soon, but this was the first word that I got regarding the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm- SEPTEMBER 25th!! That's pretty soon!

Plus, the fourth season- one of the series' best, in my opinion- is out on DVD soon. I might just get it for The Five Wood episode alone, which may be my favorite Curb episode ever.

PLUS, ALSO starting September 25th... Extras, the new show from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the creators of The Office. I can't see how this show won't be fantastic.

So, Mike finally came through with a birthday present for me, and it was a good one- with him paying the lion's share of the price for the 2004 ALCS/ World Series DVD. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "hey, didn't you already have those on DVD?"

A fair question. Yes, I did, as a gift from my Mom for X-mas off of eBay. Now, they sufficed, but
a) the chapter stops were arbitrary and obnoxious
b) the sound quality sucked nuts
c) so did the picture
d) they didn't come in cool packaging
e) they didn't have the great new, heretofore unseen extras footage

The only problem I have with the DVDs so far is the mind-numbingly stupid idea to include the first three games of the ALCS instead of the FANTASTIC three games of the ALDS. It would have worked so perfectly- why not? I mean, I can safely say I'll likely never open up Game Two, ever, in a million years. I may check out parts of the debacle of Game Three once or twice (just to bring myself back to that feeling before BOOM- we're back), and maybe try and relive how depressing losing Game One was. But not more than once or twice, honestly.

The ALDS was one big romp, which is always fun (Game One) and two absolutely fantastic games, including Petey absolutely battling for a win in the second game, finally finishing off Chone Figgins exultantly while the offense battled for runs off Colon and Rodriguez. And, of course, Game Three- a classic, and one I've actually never seen (I was in Cleveland at fucking wedding practice).

Other than that omission, this is an obviously terrific DVD set. It has a "Best of David Ortiz Wireless" where we follow around a miked up Papi, and hear him goof around with his teammates- including a not-veiled-at-all reference to weed that apparently slipped by every hip and happening editor over at MLB Productions. Good stuff.

Plus you get the full look at the prep for lockerroom celebrations (with Yankee clubhouse employees having to prepare the space for champagne blast), the champagne tossing itself, further in depth Yankee postgame moments after Game Seven, Trot running out to the bleachers at the Toilet... and of course, two of my favorite moments:

b) Petey knocking down Matsui in Game Five, never to be heard from again.

I still think my favorite "moment" from the entire series was Keith Foulke striking out Tony Clark- the series winning run- at the end of Game Six. I don't know if I've ever been as nervous watching baseball in my whole life. Even better than Lowe's K at the end of Game 5, '03 ALDS.

I highly recommend this set.

Pictures taken of THE STEAL and Petey's knockdown off Tim's TV by Tim late last night upon first viewing...

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