12 August 2005

Hanley Ramirez Video from Binghamton

Of course as you may well know by now, Erin and I caught a double header in Binghamton last Saturday between the B-Mets and our own Portland Sea Dogs.

While there, armed with Mike's digital camera, I was able to get a couple of short clips of Hanley Ramirez at bat (second game of the double header). Nothing too exciting- but worth it to see the guy streak down the line- he can get along. I was dumb enough to forget about the feature on the camera until later on, or else I would have gotten some pretty decent stuff. This is a decent start. One thing to note as well- the drag time from when you hit "record" to when it actually starts is pretty obnoxious. Doing this made me recall the time my college roommate Doug caught a Manny Ramirez HR at Fenway against Texas pitcher Denys Reyes (Aug 22 2002). Now THAT is some serious skills.

Here they are (click screencap to play):

Just for fun. Look for more video clips in the future- they're fun to post, for some reason.

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