12 August 2005

Craig Hansen- RHP, Fark It, Prospects

Craig Hansen, the Red Sox second pick (in the first round) of the 2005 draft, was promoted to Portland on Thursday, pitching a perfect inning of relief in his debut, retiring the Norwich Navigators on nine pitches- all strikes. Here is how his outing looked, by pitch:

Swinging strike (fastball, 95)
Called strike (fastball)
Swinging strike (fastball)
K swinging

Called strike (fastball, 96)
Single to left (fastball, 94)

Called strike (slider, 90)
Popup to short (slider?, 87)

Swinging strike (fastball, 95)
4-3 (?)

Finally, here is the story on his promotion from MaineToday. Interesting stuff- the writer compares Hansen's debut to that of Sea Dogs legend Josh Beckett.

Further, Baseball America has a great look at Hansen in their Daily Dish column. Interview done by the great David Laurila:

On his slider, which he's thrown as hard as 90 mph: "I threw two or three last night, and it felt good. It took a few pens to regain the feel for it after the lay-off, but it's there. I'm not sure how hard I was throwing it. I don't pay much attention to the numbers."

He seems like, ceiling-wise, a Brad Lidge type talent. My (admittedly amateurish) gut tells me they're checking him out as well as they can- getting his motor running in the GCL, then bringing Theo in to see his AA debut- and hoping to bring him up late in September. If he succeeds there- slip him on the playoff roster through the Francisco-Rodriguez-in-2002-loophole. Of course, there is the issue of his compiling nearly 80 IP this season at St. John's, and that they're going to protect their very significant investment and take it slow- but Hansen's arm could likely survive close to 20 more IP, and I wouldn't be surprised to seem them proactive about improving their atrocious bullpen.

I mean, c'mon, who'd you rather see? Mike Remlinger or WonderBoy here?

...history of WonderBoy, and Young Nasty Man- ah-Rigadoo-doo-Rigadoo-doo-doo...


Some great photoshops of the Manny/ Renteria collision from a while back over at FARK.com- my favorite:

I'm waiting until I get some serious time on my hands before I actually sit down and put together a good, comprehensive "minor league update post" (which, I'm worried, means I won't do it- remember the promises about DVD commentary reviews? I'll still do it...). But, to set the stage, I figured I'd give my quick-and-dirty "Top 15 Sox Prospects List." One caveat- no Manny Delcarmen, because he's on the 25-man at the moment. Arbitrary rule I know, but I'd rather keep it to minor leaguers. I'll break this list down later in the longer, more comprehensive post.

  1. Jon Lester, LHP (AA Portland)

  2. Jon Papelbon, RHP (AAA Pawtucket)

  3. Anibal Sanchez, RHP (AA Portland)

  4. Hanley Ramirez, SS (AA Portland)

  5. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (AAA Pawtucket)

  6. Craig Hansen, RHP (AA Portland)

  7. Kelly Shoppach, C (AAA Pawtucket)

  8. Brandon Moss, OF (AA Portland)

  9. Abe Alvarez, LHP (AAA Pawtucket)

  10. David Murphy, OF (AA Portland)

  11. Jacoby Ellsbury, OF (A Lowell)

  12. David Pauley, RHP (AA Portland)

  13. Jed Lowrie, 2B (A Lowell)

  14. Edgar Martinez, RHP (AA Portland)

  15. Mickey Hall, OF (A Wilmington)

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