25 August 2005

BS Memorial Multimedia EXTRAVAGANZA!

I usually walk home from work- 46th & 6th all the way up to 80th & York Ave.- and the other day I thought it'd be a decent idea to pick a nice day, take a camera and shoot some of my favorite statues/ fountains in the Park. So I did. I missed a few- Hans Christian Andersen's, which I just walked by because it is slightly hidden from the main path and I plain forgot. Also, there's a cool Balto sled dog statue that I was going to shoot, but instead it was teeming with kids, and I felt weird taking their picture and walking away. I don't think I have to explain why.

There's also the Indian Hunter piece, which I never considered a "favorite," but it's cool enough to mention. Stuff like Burnett's Fountain, The Richard Morris Hunt Memorial, King Jagiello, Jose Julian Marti (gotta love a statue of a guy dying), Samuel Morse, The Pilgrim, Untermeyer Fountain, Daniel Webster, The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet- both near the Delacorte Theatre, and the 107th Infantry and 7th Regiment memorials from the Civil War were all too far out of my way, though I love them.

So here are the ones I did see, check 'em out. I put captions in their "title," so roll your cursor over the picture and leave it idle for a sec, it should pop up right under it. Someone let me know if that's not working. Also, click on them, they look better when bigger.

And as explanation of the first picture- this is at like, 55th and 5th, it is gigantic, and it is a picture- for an ad- of a dude's aroused crotch. The bus you see is in danger of crashing head-on into his half stock. Gross. And yes, I felt pretty gay taking a picture of that, but it had to be done.

OK, explanation- the first is a shot of Gracie Mews Diner on 81st and 1st, my favorite diner in my area. Unfortunately, there was a fire there, and it's going to be out of commission for a while, which sucks major nugget pouch. Of course, you'll remember me getting my Victory Burgers from Gracie Mews after every victory I was in NYC for of the 2004 ALCS and World Series. Cheeseburger Deluxe, no lettuce of tomato. The Victory Burger.

As a slight tie-in, the second picture is the mark on our wall that still remains after I rocketed my red 1975 Red Sox hat into the wall during Game Three of the ALCS. Weird, huh?

A walking tour of the BSMemorial Complex, where all the magic happens that you read here (when I don't post from work, of course, like I'm doing RIGHT NOW!). Please note the CD collection, the dog, and the shit-ass Red Sox game that was on the TV at the time. Please also note the mess, which I was on cleanup duty for later that night.

Just 'cuz.

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