24 June 2005

Shut Down Dirt Dogs

Initially I was going to come on and post about this, Steve's newest low in which he not only doesn't drop the Pedro thing, and not only actively pulls for the other team... but that team is the FUCKING Yankees! This from the guy that used to spell Manny's name with the last two letters in Yankee blue because he dared suggest that he one day wouldn't mind playing for his hometown team. He's like those last Japanese soldiers in WWII, the ones that kept fighting the war years and years on. He just won't give it up. "Paydro" took the money (which leads one to wonder what Steve "took" from boston.com- leading to his heightened profile, ad banners, and, well, money in his pocket), and Steve's feelings were hurt. So every chance he gets, up goes the vitriol. Even when it's AGAINST the Yankees!

This is the same guy that freaked out on Pedro himself when he dared have an audience with Steinbrenner as a free agent.

Nice to see where that piece of shit turncoat's priorities lay. Go Yanks, huh Steve?

The bigger deal, of course, was the headline that was up moments later, and not for long, presumably because someone with half a brain knew how in remarkably poor taste it was:

That's an image of a white mob in Civil Rights-era south kicking in the face of a black man- an image used to convey a joke about a baseball manager returning to his old town.

I really think everyone who reads this should write to the Boston Globe and Boston.com in an effort to let them know how fucking embarassing it is for their company to have him associated with them. He's a scumbag, and this isn't proof- it's further and strong, strong proof. This sort of thing isn't cutting it anymore, either.

All this below a little banner telling us we should vote hard for Johnny, because it's "the right thing to do." Considering his site is named after his little nickname for all the "gritty white guys," I don't know why this should surprise me, but what makes me laugh is to think of the furor over Barry Bonds' statements last year about Boston- about how it is still, in many ways, a racist town- and how much hand wringing that got. And here's the number one fan site- purchased by boston.com- with consistent content like this. Whatever.



Boston.com has posted an apology on BostonDirtDogs.com-

Red bubble emphasis mine. Here is how the apology reads out, in case you can't read it (had to reduce the screen cap to get it to fit):

Note to users: Earlier today, Boston Dirt Dogs used a photo on this page that was offensive and inappropriate. There was no malicious intent behind the posting. We removed the photo immediately, and we apologize to any users who saw it during the brief time it was on the site.

A couple of quick things- first, it looks like they're partially attempting to pat themselves on the back and "excuse" the action because the image was "removed immediately." This is an extension of the issue of accountability with DirtDog's site- like a lot of things, he and his "owner" boston.com have set up a nice safety net of "loopholes" to excuse behavior- stuff like removing content as soon as it causes a stir (like Silva's wording of the 'Nomar Named in Canseco Book' post, and his 'Nomar Rejects Ring' absurdity), and claiming that, while linked to a prominent newspaper's sports, it's "just a fan site."

But, to boston.com's credit- they did apologize.

What I find hilarious, telling, and unfortunate is that I know- I GUARANTEE- Silva will not apologize himself, which gives the whole thing a "Silva put it up but remains above reproach" vibe, which to me is mind boggling. He must have incriminating pictures of everybody. Either that or witty photoshop images of boston.com higher-ups.

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I hope the Globe doesn't think that lame apology is good enough. First he does that Paul Pierce thing with the guy from RI, then this? Unbelievable. Of course, writing to Teresa Hanifin is a total waste of time. I think it's time for a bunch of complaints to the Globe ombudsperson. Let them try to say it's separate. Bunch of crap.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/24/2005 7:38 PM  

Now do you REALLY think that the Boston Globe actually MEANT to apologize? Now, if the HERALD had run that picture, all hell would break loose. Typical BOSTON GLOBE hypocrites!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/26/2005 2:48 PM  

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