17 June 2005

Saw "Batman Begins," Big Papi Sandwich...

Oh man, this is great. A big, rice-and-beans lovin' Dominican, and the sandwich they name after him is, according to the website:

Made with 100% turkey breast, ham, crisp bacon, lettuce, juicy tomatoes and mayo

Sweet! How funny is that? Papi wouldn't touch that sandwich with a ten foot pole. He is FAR too bad ass and FAR too sophisticated for that shit. He's the cook, he's the rice and beans master.

There was a funny article in the Globe regarding this too... "Ortiz again is larger than life":

"Hey, Terry," said Ortíz as he made his way toward the manager's office before last night's game against the Cincinnati Reds. "I've got a present for you."

In walked the slugger, clad in a DayGlo green polo and matching hat, carrying a life-size, grinning cardboard cut-out of himself hawking a new submarine sandwich called, "The Big Papi." He placed the gift to the right of Terry Francona as the pair started giggling and exchanged a high-five.

I wouldn't mind winning that, to be honest with you. Here's the info, and you can download an entry form on there too... or right here.

Papi Fever, sweeping the nation. Gotta love it.

Saw Batman Begins on Wednesday, and while I don't want to spoil anything, I absolutely loved it. From the start- where we can see the blanks between Bruce Wayne's parents' murder and his eventual Batman-hood filled in.

Batman has always been my favorite super hero chiefly because while he's trying to do good, as a guy, his means and his motivation aren't always very "just." Batman is, of all the super heroes, the only one that isn't always virtuous, and is a little fucked up. Bruce Wayne has one, singular, (somewhat) selfish goal, and that is to avenge his parent's death through vigilante justice, but in many obvious instances, this clearly isn't a great way to solve a problem. But Batman is Batman. That's who he is.

So we get to see that character developing in the early stages, which was really entertaining. Christian Bale was perfect for Batman. Just note-perfect.

Everything else- the set design, the characters, the "bad-guys"... great stuff. I don't even have a whole ton to say about it because I just really enjoyed it across the board. I liked that they took an almost pragmatic approach to everything about his genesis- from how he created the utility belt to how the cowl was constructed to how Batman seems able to "fly." No legend making, nothing appearing out of nowhere. Every piece has an origin, every faction of his "Batman" persona comes from something. It made it a lot more interesting.

Gary Oldman was a great choice for a young Commissioner (then Lieutenant) Gordon, and Cillian Murphy was great as the Scarecrow- I liked very much how they created the identity and pathology of that character. Very cool (and dark) idea.

One thing- obviously there was a window left open for sequels, and in this one, the device was SO cool, and SO enticing, it was an epic, epic tease. Seriously, this one line of dialogue and one small prop made me want to trade my arms and legs to leap forward the three years it will take for the next film to arise. Of course, another brilliant part about this first one was the great stroke to have everything from the plot of Begins basically create storylines for psychotic bad guys ad infinitum going forward. And that, without sacrificing the excitement and quality of the "current" plotline.

Great, fun, exciting, dark movie. Go see it.

FYI, will be updating on Jon and Brandon sometime in the next day or two. They had really tremendous weeks, the both of them.

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