24 June 2005

Cleveland- the Photo Album

This is a nice picture of the positively GI-NORMOUS scoreboard in RF at Jacob's Field. Just unreal how big (and clear) this thing is. I bet they can see it from space* (authentic joke made BY BSM at the game!).

Chopper takin' some Chops.

Bill was like, "yo, those dudes takin' my picture look like they can PLAY. Where's Terry?" Yeah, he asked. But I'd just had a giant Dr. Pepper and I felt- no. Best not hinder the team with my selfishness. Thanks though, Pro.

Manny approaches the throng. Gotta love the Manny headband look, also rocked by Colleen circa 1989.

Mike on this picture- "Johnny, I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go..." Ew.

NICE shot of Trot launching one. He was really dominating BP, though he didn't play with a LHP starting.

Papi to the people.

Dude, look how close I got to David!

I wish it was me he was hugging!

David to me and the Broseph- "Dudes, can you play?" We said look, Mueller already asked. Don't you think we'd be in for extra BP right now had we said yes? Christ it's been years since I hit a big league fastball. I'm not bringing the team down on account of the Dr. Pep.

C is for "crushed, yo."

Nice picture as we walked into the park- absolutely gorgeous place.

I wasn't going to post these- notes left to one another after a shower for a cheap laugh- but I thought, "shit, these people should know what kind of people they're reading about."

Mike's like, "But BSM, WHY?" Simple physics, Mike. Now let's watch some Boy Meets World reruns in Cleveland!

Mmmm... cream soda.

Shot out of our hotel room. That is, in fact, The Jake.

Funny story- note the title of this corner of the park. Now notice it's proximity to the foul pole. That's right dudes, it's in foul territory.

A shot from our seats as the game got tense...

Mike is NOT stoned. I swear.

I am though, very, very stoned.

Not really.

He does this no less than 521 times a game.

Renteria checking his jock and, predictably, Mike managed to get a picture of it. Amazing.

Picture taken by me. Fantastic shot.

Nice AB pics of the LHHs, seeing as we could see their wonderful punnums from our seats.

Our seats, as we first took them.

Big David gearing up.

The retired Indian numbers-
19- Feller
5- Boudreau
18- Harder
21- Lemon
3- Averill
14- Doby
42- Robinson

Lasting proof for forever that this dude, and his helmet, where on our team. I love it.

Perfect picture to end on- Mike gets a fucking MVP vote from me for catching this one. You know, with the digi camera, it's tough to know what you're going to get because you hold the button down, and it sort of arbitrarily catches the image whenever. So an action shot is really impossible to gauge. Couldn't have gotten Manny in prime swing any better. Nice.

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