14 June 2005

BS Memorial One Year Old!

Photos from the celebration, held earlier today...

Guess what today is? It's BS Memorial's one year birthday! Hooray for BS Memorial! So I thought I'd rerun my first ever post, and link to some of my favorite moments here to bring the masturbatory exercise full circle! Awesome!

June 12, 2004
LA at Boston

WP- Pedro Martinez (7-3)
LP- Hideo Nomo (3-7)
SV- Keith Foulke (13)

Good game tonight. Petey started iffy, but his stuff improved, as has been the trend this season for him. He worked out of some jams, and while its a little troubling to see a pitcher unable to finish off 0-2 and 1-2 hitters, he got the job done, plain and simple.

I was a little disappointed in how we sort of squandered the opportunities we had against Nomo. I like Hideo. I enjoy the rooftop hat crease. But good shit, that is a AAA fastball. Still has the nice split, though. For all his windbag-edness, Joe Morgan made an excellent point- his fastball is, by design, consistently up, and so it makes it easier to lay off. Pokey apparently figured this out just in time.

Speaking of Pokey- totally disgusting catch tonight. Astonishing. The Woman loved it, I was gasping for air, and I still have no idea how it happened. Beautiful.

He still shouldn't start. This is another great example of the shortsighted nature of so many baseball arguments- Pokey's contributions seem so glaring now in the light of (should be no) intense speculation-- who should start? Pokey or Bellhorn. It's Bellhorn, in a landslide.

~100 pts in OBP, ~200 pts in OPS, serviceable defense, hope for stoners everywhere- Bellhorn is the easy choice. I'll monitor their comparison from here on out, but to me, its elementary. Reese's defense (and it is startlingly spectacular) cannot compensate the lack of value he brings with the bat enough to be worth more to the team than Bellhorn.

The great Eric Van said it better than I could have hoped, on SoSH.

Trot Nixon hopes to be activated Tues. vs. Colorado...

Pretty amazing, huh? I know, I know. You knew from the first post it'd be great here, huh?

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