28 June 2005

Beantown Baby...Beantown!

Hey reader(s). I'm posting here from a laptop in Boston on my lap in Colleen's apartment that's now burning the flesh off my legs. Erin and I went to the game last night (sucked balls), and the seats were sweet save for the obnoxious girls screaming to Johnny Damon all night. We were in the CF batter's eye seats, 2nd row.

Best part of the game was, when it was out of hand, noticing that, in left field, Manny was participating in the wave with the LF grandstand seats. Words cannot express how tremendously fun this was. They'd scream, throw their arms up, Manny would, in between pitches, wait until it reached him, and then raise his arms quick in the air. It's the only time in recorded history that The Wave was acceptable.

OK, that's all. Pictures to come. Let's get em tonight- Wade Miller on the hill.

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