23 May 2005

Murray Chass is Ignorant Trash

Remember that great Murray Chass article, one of his first offerings post-2004 World Series? It was a scathing indictment of Manny Ramirez and the fact that he hadn't heaped cash on his high school sports program. Nevermind the myriad other philanthropic efforts Manny contributes to. Chass singled this out and eviscrated Ramirez. It was disgusting (and the link I cannot find).

Now, there's this pearl of a gem of a ray of genius:

Exorcism Is Not Complete Until Red Sox Win the A.L. East

THE Boston Red Sox won the World Series last October for the first time in 86 years, and they got there by beating the Yankees. What else is there for them to live for?

Boston's David Wells returned from the disabled list last week and was battered by Oakland for seven runs in an inning and two-thirds. If they play the Yankees in the American League Championship Series this October and beat them again (they certainly would not be able to top the way they did it last year), then win the World Series again, so what? Been there, done that.

The one thing the Red Sox have not done in this era of the renewed rivalry is finish ahead of the Yankees in the American League East, winning the division championship, of course. For the Red Sox to finish second while the Yankees place third would be an empty achievement. Being the division champion is what it is all about for the Red Sox this season, whether they admit it or not.

Which is a roundabout way of saying the Red Sox have blown it.

Eighteen days ago, the Red Sox were six and a half games ahead of the Yankees. That is a sizable lead after only five weeks of the season. The Red Sox were playing well, having won 17 of their first 29 games. Putting their record in perspective, that winning percentage computes to 95 victories over the course of a season.

The Yankees, meanwhile, were dreadful. They won only 11 of their first 30 games, a winning percentage that computes to ... well, let's not even figure it out. We know it would be pretty disgusting.

Given that circumstance, the Red Sox should have taken off and left the Yankees in the dust. Take that six-and-a-half-game advantage over their nemesis and build it to such a level that the Yankees would be recalling the days of Horace Clarke and Jerry Kenney.

This is an article published on MAY 24TH, mind you.

The Red Sox, on the other hand, better get hot and stay hot. Otherwise, it is just another second-place finish for them.

I really think if sports journalism got any worse, some literate and logical baseball fan is going to blow a fuse and off one of these morons. My God, what planet, what species are these numbnuts from?


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