29 May 2005

Joe Morgan- Senile?

Just watching the Yankees- Red Sox game here on ESPN, and while I'm really pissed about the Wells/ Renteria number change (I have a home red Renteria- err, Wells jersey), I'm psyched that David Ortiz just went Stone Age on Mussina (the pitcher he once claimed was the "best in the AL").

The thing I just had to throw up on here lest I forget it later- when a graphic flashed onscreen stating the Red Sox offense rank in different categories, Morgan clamped onto the Red Sox leading the AL in OBP.

"That the Red Sox lead the league in OBP is interesting to me, because that's not how the Red Sox offense has played in recent years. It's not the kind of team they are."

2002: 3rd
2003: 1st
2004: 1st

I'll let that comment sort of speak for itself.

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