29 April 2005

Sorry I Ain't Been Around!

I'm home to see Mike perform all gay-like in Grease- it's gonna kick ass- but it's also why I haven't been around. Sorry. This is gonna be quick...

Sucks about Schilling and Wells, but better this happen now, and their old asses get some good rest so as not to overwork, and they get better playoff time. Works for me.

Apparently, Ortiz and Nixon should have harassed a fan instead of the players that threw baseballs at them (their teammates), then they wouldn't have been fined or suspended. Right, Gary?

Also, looks as though Wade Miller is one rehab start from officially rescuing our floundering rotation. Sweet. Can't wait to see him pitch at Fenway. Or anywhere in a Boston uniform, and thank God Theo signed him.

I wish we'd signed Pedro.

Finally, as you can see from the links on the right and the picture here in this post, I've set up and made a bunch of BS Memorial t-shirts, for fun. I don't really get any money from it (I don't think...), it's just a way for this company cafepress.com to get people to sell their tshirts. Thought it would be fun to make some up, and if people want to buy them and advertise my site for free... hell it's their money. I won't hold my breath though.

Here's the store link. There's another link down below all the player pictures on the right of the screen here on the main page as well. The Notes From the Broseph shirts are goin' fast...

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