20 April 2005

Brandon Moss Update- 4.20.05

Not a whole lot to report on Moss- he's still having a tough go of it in the outset. Here are his numbers as of today, 20 April:

.175/ .200/ .300, 40 AB, 7 H, 2 2B, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 2 BB, 14 SO, 1 SB

He's striking out way too often, and the walk totals- something that were up last year, and promising, have plummeted thus far. He's not hitting for much power, but that wasn't something he was expected to do with a lot regularity. Still, a .300 SLG is obviously not even close to OK.

Still not time to panic though. Give him a few weeks to heat up a bit before worrying. Minor leaguers are, of course, largely prone to struggle upon promotion. Brandon is young, so patience is a virtue.

Here is a game to build on- his performance on an April 17th 11-6 win in Trenton- 2-for-4 with a 2B, 3 RBI and a run scored.

David Laurila from RSN.net did (another) fantastic interview, this one with Brandon Moss himself. Check it out.

RSN: Tell us about your bat speed. Also, will you take the ball to the opposite field?

BM: Bat speed is something you can't teach, but you can develop it. My bat speed is okay. You have to be able to get around on an inside fastball to make it, and I think I can do that. And yes, I'll go with the pitch. You're taught that pitchers like to stay away, and a good percentage of pitches are on the outside half. So you have to be able to drive the ball the ball the other way.

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  • The Sea Dogs have Binghamton, Harrisburg and Norwich upcoming. Looking forward to Moss putting some strong at bats and games together.

    In the interest of not ignoring our top positional prospects, as an addendum to Moss and Papelbon updates, I'm going to keep tabs on some of the more outstanding players in the system over the past week- the Ramirez, Pedroia, Lester, Meredith group. I'll probably be sticking mostly to Portland, though not exclusively.

    Hanley Ramirez 2005
    .320/ .382/ .540, 50 AB, 16 H, 1 2B, 5 3B, 0 HR, 9 RBI, 4 BB, 8 SO, 3 SB

    17 April, 11-6 over Trenton: 3-for-5 with 2 RBI, 2 runs scored and a 3B.
    16 April, 5-1 over Trenton: 2-for-5 with a 2B, a 3B and a run scored.
    15 April, 7-4 over Trenton: 2-for-4 with 2 RBI and 2 BB.

    Dustin Pedroia 2005
    .375/ .490/ .550, 40 AB, 15 H, 4 2B, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 9 BB, 3 SO, 1 SB

    17 April, 11-6 over Trenton: 4-for-5 with 3 2Bs (franchise record), a BB, an RBI, and a run scored.
    13 April, 6-4 over New Britain: 2-for-4 with 2 RBI.

    Brandon Moss had a funny line about Pedroia in this interview:

    RSN: You touched on intensity earlier. Is that how you'd describe Dustin Pedroia?

    BM: In a lot of ways, yes. He's very professional, but he keeps you loose, too. He'll make an out against a guy throwing 98, and when he comes to the dugout, we'll ask, "What's he got?" Pedroia will tell us, "He ain't got &*@*!"

    Don't worry, I didn't censor that, it's from the site. For what it's worth, I'd imagine he said "shit."

    Former Tampa Bay Devil Ray Jared Sandberg, nephew of Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, was named Eastern League Offensive Player of the Week recently.

    Jon Lester 2005
    1-0, 4.85 ERA, 13 IP, 4 BB, 19 K, 14 H, 7 ER, 2 HR

    19 April, 5-4 over Binghamton: 5 IP, 2 H, ER, 3 BB, 6 K (W)
    14 April, 8-4 over Trenton: 4 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 6 K (ND)

    His OBA is a little high, but 19 K and 4 BBs in 13 innings- damn. Go Lestah!

    So, looks like Kruk is writing the ESPN Game Wraps again (they've since changed this, but I did a screen grab at like, 2 AM last night...)

    ESPN- your sports leader, with expansive baseball minds like Harold Reynolds, John Kruk, Rick Sutcliffe, Buster Olney, Steve Phillips, Jeff Brantley and Rob Dibble breaking down ALL the action! Tune in and log on!

    "He waved me off and said, `Money is important, but it's kind of down the list for me. My desire is to be in Boston and be a Red Sox. That's just who I am now.' "

    In great news yesterday, the Red Sox used a creative contract to lock up Tim Wakefield for the remainder of his career, a move that will solidify for the team the fifth starter into perpetuity, and they do it with a guy that can eat innings and give you slightly above league average performance year in and year out. Sometimes, he'll surprise you too.

    According to the reports, the Red Sox have him $4 million in 2006 with escalations possible based on performance pushing it to $5.25 million. After that, the Red Sox have an option on him for roughly the same terms for the remainder of his career, as long as both sides would like to have one another. If the team picks up an option, Wakefield can, of course, retire, and forfeit that season's salary.

    In a press conference, Wakefield pointed out the longevity knuckleballers Charlie Hough and Joe Niekro had, and while he wasn't sure he'd go quite as long as they, he knows he wants to pitch "a lot longer." Here's the Official Red Sox Press Release on the signing.

    Tim Wakefield has been a remarkably consistent starter in his career in Boston, and this is a deal that gives the Red Sox an excellent back-of-the-rotation starter to count on, (relatively) unfettered by age, resistant to injury, swallows innings whole, and will keep a great offense in a lot of games. Here are his career ERA+ numbers in Boston:

    1995- 163
    1996- 100
    1997- 110
    1998- 101
    1999- 100
    2000- 91
    2001- 116
    2002- 157
    2003- 115
    2004- 100

    You really can't ask for much more than that at $4 mil/ yr- he's an automatic for ~185 IP, ~4.55 ERA. Just for fun too, check out his three year splits against the New York You-Know-Whos, with a 2.82 ERA in 60.2 IP, including a .202 OBA.

    Also, Tim debuted on my birthday back in 1992 for the Pittsburgh Pirates. All things considered, it's hard not to love a guy like Tim Wakefield.

    Finally, here are a few reports and accounts on Wade Miller's latest rehab start, in Wilmington:

    DelawareOnline.com: Miller has rehab start with Blue Rocks
    Boston.com- Baseball Notebook
    Wade Miller's next rehab start, his third overall, will be Saturday, most likely with the Double A Portland Sea Dogs at Hadlock Field. Miller, who was on a 75-pitch count in his two outings, with Single A Greenville and Wilmington, will be allowed to go 85-90 pitches.

    "He pitched really well," general manager Theo Epstein said of Miller's 67-pitch, five-inning, one-run outing Monday with the Wilmington Blue Rocks. "He got stronger as the game went on. His fastball, velocity, command improved as the game went on. He touched 93 [miles per hour], sat on 89-90, threw all his pitches."

    18 April Box Score- 4-2 over Kinston (ND)

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