04 April 2005

BOS 2, NYY 9

WP- Randy Johnson (1-0)
LP- David Wells (0-1)
HR- H Matsui (1)

Opening Night! It looked cold, miserable, and impossible to hit when it started, and while we lost, it's nice to get the season started, and to not be apoplectic for once over a game like this. I'm just looking forward to the season. Honestly though, I'm not sure if this is the World Series or the streak of (now) five openers lost in a row- but I wasn't really freaking out at any point.

(Unfortunately- no break from Kay. I'd been told my new web strem of EEI, part of the Red Sox Nation membership I'm so proud to have purchased, was going to synch up with the time of the game. I was a little dubious about it, but hey, that's what it was supposed to be. Nope. About 20 seconds off. So we had to go with Fathead.)

It also may be because I'd resigned myself to the fact that, when facing Randy Johnson, we don't have a great shot at winning, even when, like last night, he doesn't even have his best stuff. We looked sloppy in the field, Wells was having trouble locating, the offense was quiet for the most part. There's not much else to say or worry about here- it happened, let's go get em Tuesday.

Wells did show a few flashes of himself when he's comfortable- some really great biting/ breaking curves, well placed fastballs, his effortless delivery. I don't see any reason for blowing his performance from last night up into anything more than a bad performance which, at 41, let's be honest- he's going to have a few. The bullpen was out in full force, and while, again, it was 29 degrees out with the wind chill, that was less comforting. Blaine Neal had a lot of movement and life on his fastball, but was having a lot of trouble finding the plate. Ditto that for Mantei, though despite what the scouting report handed the YES crew might have been, that's not an overwhelming concern for him ("what a shame, to have that kind of arm and no control," said Kaat- you don't last this long with "no control"). His fastball was exploding, at least in part to his strikingly minimal delivery. My first thought when I saw it was that it sort of cleared up nice and tidy all of his arm troubles through his career. He's all arm and shoulder- doesn't drive hard through the delivery. Almost like lifting a heavy box with your back instead of your legs.

Embree looked really bad. For someone that's been slowly declining these last few years, I can't but wonder slightly if this was, in part, reason enough for Theo to go trade for Myers. Embree's fastball looked flat and dead, his slider was too "broad" and he wasn't hitting the strike zone with any consistency.

It's only natural to over-analyze game one, but I'm really avoided conflating it's importance too much. It'll be a fun season, and that's that. I won't have it any other way.

And for those still bummed out, here's some good news:
Miller looking at late April return, hopes to pitch minor league game soon

The way Miller is feeling, he doesn't think it's out of the question he'll pitch for the Red Sox before April ends.

"That's my goal," Miller said. "I'm not quite sure what they have in mind, but that's my goal. I feel really confident right now. I feel like I have good stuff and something to give."

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