18 April 2005

BOS 12, TOR 7

BOS 12
WP- Curt Schilling (1-1)
LP- Dave Bush (0-1)
HR- M. Ramirez 2 (4)

I can never really settle on one way to follow a game from a computer at work. I usually start with Joe and Jerry on the radio (it's free for me online), and while that's great, it usually requires that I ignore it or turn it all the way down for a while to tend to the usual bullshit. Once that gets a little too old, I usually run on over to RedSox.com, where the Gameday follow-along is the most comprehensive and, well, pretty to look at.

But then it sits and freezes on a 2-2 count with a runner at 2nd and one out in the bottom of the fourth. And it sits there for like, three and a half minutes. So you run over to the game threads at RSN.net to get updated while you try to remember what of the Gameday ilk was faster- wasn't ESPN.com's, that one blows worse than Gameday.

Then you remember- ah yes. CBSsportsline.com has one that goes balls-fast. So I stick to that, get bored with it... and float back to Joe and Jerry. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Schilling had good-enough-stuff today- in other words, he got through 5 with only 3 earnies and 10Ks, but it took a LOT of work to do it, and his getting to the 5th wasn't a foregone conclusion, especially when a spate of foulballs and a dropped popup left him at 50+ pitches after two. One thing I've noticed thus far is that he's relying a bit more on his split than last season, when he seemed to stray away from it a bit, often in deference to his curveball, slider, and a changeup he'd been working on. This year, this far, it's been fastballs and splits, with the occasional slider. In other words, his strong suit(s).

But he didn't really need his best stuff, because we got him 12 runs on the strength of two (more) Manny HRs, one an absolute bomb on an inside fastball from Dave Bush, the other a breaking ball he flicked from three inches off the ground and just onto the "shelf" beyond the red line on top of the Monster, delivered by Justin Frasor (who made a frightened leap as ball left bat).

There was Trot and Johnny and Earflaps at 2 RBI apiece, Renteria with a long wallball double, and another good outing from Timlin (what the hell was he in there for anyway?). Bellhorn's 2RBI 2B with the bases loaded was positively smoked down the line, a nice swing on a tailing fastball away from him. Tomorrow, going for the two game sweep with Bronson on the mound. We face up pretty well against Halladay at home, as I have been witness to twice in my life: 8.27.03 (Burkett survives, Varitek, Walker, Papi HR), 4.10.04 (Vintage Pedro, Manny, Papi, Earflaps go yard). Let's get the streak to 6.


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