14 March 2005

Que Onda Guero...

Nothing exciting. Just some things I've been thinking about. But not much.

Bullshit Memorial is awesome... he's such a fucking ROCKSTAR.

  • I really, really, really hate that new trend where like, if someone's cool or if you think someone's a great person, you (and by "you" I never, ever mean "me") call them a "rock star." "Oh man, Jonathan is so great- he's so fun to be around. He's such a fucking rock star." Ugh. Makes me shiver to even think about. I immediately think of like, Mary Kate Olsen in New York Minute with a Metallica shirt on. I'm sure she's a big fan.

  • Yeah, I've seen New York Minute.

  • Dude! No way! I hated it! ...in a fun way.

  • Last night Mike emailed me this:

    Jack Black needs to be in a movie. Like a tenacious d movie that's
    rated R and fuckin like funny raunchy comedy. the last movie he was in
    was school of rock...

    Oh man. I love making people happy. Here's my reply:

    Dude! They're making a Tenacious D movie as we speak... it's called
    The Pick of Destiny

    I'm comin home Friday- Tues (yr birthday)

  • Saw Heat last night, the Michael Mann film. The fucking thing is 3 hours long, and it flew. I didn't love the ending- for those that haven't seen it, I won't even allude to why, but I just didn't like the choice made is all. Oh well. Other than that- it's a great, great movie. You notice in Mann's movies, he gets this light effect where all the neon like, bleeds outward, in horizontal lines? I love that. All his movies have this ethereal look to them, it's so fun to watch.

  • Here's the next ten on my Netflix queue:

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    Before Night Falls
    Glengarry Glen Ross
    The Player
    Bad Lieutenant
    The Color of Money
    The Conversation
    Wild at Heart
    Sweet Smell of Success

    Please note not ALL the movies on my queue are ones I haven't seen. I don't roll like that.

  • No retraction yet on DirtDogs or on Boston.com, even though the original story about Nomar "not wanting a ring" was patently false and was picked up by various parts of the media world.

    The lack of a sense of responsibility and integrity there is simply staggering. Apparently, to these people, the second you put on that Sox uniform, you are subject to all sorts of consequence-free character assassination and limitless misleading insults. Makes you wonder anyone would want to even open their mouths to these buffoons.

  • So simple, so beautiful... breathtaking.

  • GoogleMail is arguably one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself. It's like an invention- that makes non-stop email-rocking possible. Unbelievable. In fact, I'm so jazzed about GMail, that I'd love pass it on via my invites to those who email me (link on the sidebar) regarding it. Do it, fair reader(s). It'll change your LIFE.

  • Easily one of my favorite places on the web: Jere's domain over at Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory. No bullshit, lots of funny, and heavy doses of the Kay-bashing. In fact, suitably exhaustive chronicling of the Kay-ness, which is a necessary function. Thank God someone is doing it.

  • Went to the diner for breakfast on Sunday- Gracie Mews on 81st and 1st- and saw no fewer than FOUR Red Sox hats, not including the one I was wearing (I've pulled that old batting practice comfy-hat out of mothballs).

  • I gotta say, great job by Erin to get me the Red Sox Nation Card-promotion, and not listening to FleaBag with all that self-obsessed, "we're Red Sox Nation! My grandfather loved this team! I don't need a goddamn card!" horseshit. Why? Because I've gotten tickets to no fewer than 5 games because of opportunities afforded me from this card, I've gotten a discount on something I bought through the MLB shop, AND I've been listening to almost every Spring Training game here at work on my (now free) subscription to MLB Radio on mlb.com.

    Way to go, E-Roc.

  • Prized bachelorette, Wanda Elaine.

  • Wanda, Erin's dog, (still accepting Fan Club Applications- they're free) got a letter in the mail from an admirer dog, one she met at the dog run. Johan. Seriously.

  • Had my fantasy drafts recently. I feel good about (most) of my teams. One league was 20 deep, meaning that it was a lot of middle-relievers and, well- let's just say Tomo Ohka was never in my initial plans. I'm in a 4 team league, a 20 team league, and two 12-team public leagues, all on Yahoo!'s free fantasy baseball feature. It's fun. Here's a position-by-position look at my teams. To bore you.
    RLP- The Rich Littles, the 12 team public league.
    SCP- The Stokely Carmichaels, the other 12 team public league.
    SPR- Shonda's Poolboy, the 20 team RSN league.
    RL4- The Rich Littles, 4 team Fordham alum league.


  • RLP- J. Lopez, Bal

  • SCP- I. Rodriguez, Det

  • SPR- J. Posada, NYY

  • RL4- J. Lopez, Bal

  • 1B

  • RLP- T. Martinez, NYY

  • SCP- C. Delgado, Fla/ T. Helton, Col

  • SPR- L. Overbay, Mil

  • RL4- C. Delgado, Fla

  • 2B

  • RLP- R. Freel, Cin

  • SCP- M. Bellhorn, Bos/ B Mueller, Bos

  • SPR- R. Durham, SF

  • RL4- A. Soriano, Tex

  • 3B

  • RLP- A. Beltre, Sea

  • SCP- A. Rodriguez, NYY

  • SPR- E. Chavez, Oak

  • RL4- A. Rodriguez, NYY

  • SS

  • RLP- N. Garciaparra, ChC/ O. Cabrera, Ana

  • SCP- J. Lugo, TB

  • SPR- B. Crosby, Oak

  • RL4- M. Tejada, Bal

  • OF

  • RLP-
    C. Beltran, NYM
    V. Wells, Tor
    M. Ordonez, Det

  • SCP-
    J. Pierre, Fla
    D. Roberts, SD
    J. Bay, Pit

  • SPR-
    V. Wells, Tor
    L. Walker, Stl
    M. Kotsay, Oak

  • RL4-
    C. Beltran, NYM
    V. Guerrero, Ana
    B. Abreu, Phi

  • SP

  • RLP-
    C. Zambrano, Chc
    K. Wells, Pit
    A. Leiter, Fla
    T. Glavine, NYM
    T. Wakefield, Bos
    J Thomson, Atl

  • SCP-
    K. Wood, Chc
    M. Mulder, Stl
    Z. Greinke, KC
    J. Lieber, Phi
    M. Buehrle, Chw

  • SPR-
    J. Santana, Min
    M. Clement, Bos
    M. Buehrle, Chw
    R. Wolf, Phi
    T. Ohka, Was

  • RL4-
    B. Sheets, Mil.
    M. Prior, Chc
    C. Schilling, Bos
    O. Perez, Pit
    Z. Greinke, KC
    C. Zambrano, Chc
    B. Radke, Min

  • RP

  • RLP- R. Lopez, Bal
    B. Looper, NYM

  • SCP- D. Baez, TB

  • SPR- T. Worrell, Phi
    S. Kline, Bal
    J. Cruz, Oak

  • RL4- M. Rivera, NYY
    J. Nathan, Min
    B. Ryan, Bal

  • In the interest of brevity, I left my bench players out. You get the idea.

  • I read Tony Massarotti and John Harper's Tale of Two Cities: The 2004 Red Sox- Yankees Rivalry and the War for the Pennant, a good (if increasingly repetitive in the wake of all the Sox books) book for sure. In fact, one of the best anecdotes involved Shonda Schilling and Michele Mangen, Johnny Damon's then-fiancee.

    Apparently Shonda made good-luck scarves for all the team wives during the ALCS, and apparently Michele never took to wearing hers. After the 19-8 ass-spanking by the Yankees in Game Three, Michele wandered into the family area (where the lady-folk watch the games, apparently) and said to no one in particular, "Lotta good those fucking scarves did." To which Shonda wittily replied, "Well maybe if you wore yours, your fiance wouldn't be 0-for-17." Not that I want the Broseph to hunt down Shonda Schilling or anything, but we all love a good MEE-OWWW moment, especially considering all turned out well.

    That's the book's appeal- these little inside nuggets, although sometimes Massarotti insinuates without really backing it up. I mean, if this is going to be a "tell-all" type book, might as well... tell all. For instance, at one point he refers to things Pedro does that wouldn't paint him in a favorable light to the average fan. He says, to paraphrase, "there are things Martinez did that made you realize he was not the teammate off the field he appeared to be on it." Then nothing. That, my friends, is a cop-out.

    Anyway, but it's worth reading. Harper doesn't hide the pro-Yankee stuff (like Massarotti doesn't hide the pro-Sox stuff), so it becomes a fun revelling in his myopia and evil- all pretty harmless. His anecdotes about Massarotti being all aglow after the Sox won- if you've heard Mazz anywhere, you'd know what was funny about this- were particularly enjoyable.

    Beats the pants of that piece of shit King/ O'Nan Faithful book anyway.

  • Mark Prior and I both have dinner-plate-sized calves. For real though.

  • Between Kerry Wood's shoulder "tightness" (aye-yai-yai) and now this, I really ought to hold Dusty Baker and Larry Rothschild accountable for anything bad that happens to me in fantasy baseball this season. I mean, Wood is anchoring one of my rotations, and Prior holding down a big spot in the shallow league.

    Come on now, dammit.

  • This is an absolutely tre-MEN-dous article on Pedro Martinez (by Michael Geffner of the Times Herald-Record), one with some really incredibly interesting tidbits from the man himself. Interesting we didn't often get stuff like this from the Boston media. Maybe because you have to be nice to someone to get them to open up to you. Just a thought. Here's a great excerpt:

    He smiled, tapped his chest where his heart is with his left hand. He then pointed an index finger to his temple.
    "I'm a student," he said with a warm nod. "I'm a student before anything else. And not just about pitching. About everything in life. All the time. I've learned a lot more than I have natural talent. Swear to God."
    He talked calmly, in a low voice. The private Martinez you never get to see.
    "Every time a pitcher throws on a mound," he said, "I'm watching. I want to see what they're doing. Both good and bad. I try to learn something and put it in play.
    "Like once I was watching Greg Maddux, the master of control, and how straight up he holds his head when he looks into the batter. I realized that sometimes I tilted my head to the left a bit." He demonstrates for me. "And you'd be amazed what that does to your mechanics.
    "If you keep your head quiet," he added, his eyes steady and hard, "you land softly."
    He said he used to study Roger Clemens every chance he could. "He has the best mechanics," Martinez said. "The best."


    "You play catcher, fella?"
    "Ahh, no."
    "Want to?"

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    Wow, that Wanda Elaine is a real fox! Congratulations on your 10,000th hit!

    By Blogger erinlferencik, at 3/15/2005 10:52 AM  

    Wow. If Tony M had named what it was that Pedro did to NOT be a good team mate then you would have just thrown him under the bus. So for once stop your complaining
    BTW. What did DD do to you. Have great sex with your girlfriend?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2005 4:49 PM  

    wayback? Is that you? Seriously though, let's take that point-by-point.

    First, since I don't know if I'd have "thrown Mazz under the bus" over what he DIDN'T say, I'd guess you don't either. Especially since he made a number of valid and specific points in the books against Pedro that I didn't really have a huge problem with. But you're probably right anyway, which speaks more to Mazz's reputation than the one you've somehow (anonymously) created for me.

    BTW, DD didn't do anything to me. Have you read anything about him recently? Hey, if you want to defend a crooked reporter who bald-faced lies, than go right at it.

    It was mediocre sex, or so she tells me.

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/15/2005 7:23 PM  

    So what is the obssession with Dirt Dog. Are you jealous?
    Were you the one that set the guy up? It just seems a tad conveniant that the people that exposed the guy were the BSMW guys and they certainly have a history of tormenting each other now dont they? Everyone knows that the BSMW guys are just jealous get a lifers becuase their site was not bought by Boston.com

    As far as your abusrd comments about Mazz. Now Tomothy had he published anything or named names. Wouldnt that just make it a smear campaign. I mean dont you just want to know nice feel good things about Pedro? You know like the article from the Catskills that has the author having an orgasm watching Pedro warm up?
    Is it really that hard to imagine Pedro not showing up for games aggravated other players?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2005 11:05 AM  

    Hey man, agree to disagree. I was never interested in my blog being a pissing match. I actually don't really have a problem with Mazz, as I showed in my positive book review. I just wanted more "dirt," you know?

    And as for DD, he dug his own grave, I'm just passing on the info.

    Anyway, readers, I'm pretty sure I know who this guy is here ruining the BSM mutual admiration society- the misspellings and black hole logic are tell tale. Oh well.

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/16/2005 12:16 PM  

    cant you pass on any ORIGINAL info
    rather than just cutting and pasting Juicy Bruce rants? Every Red Sox Blog knows about the personal pissing matches between Mr Silva and Juicy Bruce
    Hell, Even Boston.Com must have figured out that Jucy Bruce set the guy up.
    Now Timmothy did you really want more dirt on Pedro??? Tell the truth, Now that would be a smear campaign
    We all know you just want that feel good sugar crap.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2005 4:52 PM  

    Hey, "original material" or not, it happened. Just passing the (indisputable) info on. What are you, Silva's mom? Hey, if Silva's upset over what happened, he's got himself to blame. He didn't have a gun to his head over a bogus story. He made his own bed.

    Now, as for the Massarotti book- I think what I typed originally is pretty clear. I'm not here to spoon-feed people that can't grasp it. It was pretty obvious what I was saying.

    So case closed.

    PS- I never realized my name was so difficult to type.

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/16/2005 6:33 PM  

    Is that guy retarded? Is someone actually defending Dirt Dog? That is HILARIOUS.

    And dude, (the other "Anonymous") you do realize you're doing the same thing with Dirt Dog that you're accusing Timothy of doing with Pedro, right?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2005 6:35 PM  

    Maybe you should just shut posts down again if fucking idiots are gonna pull shit like that.

    By Blogger Mike Rogan, at 3/16/2005 8:41 PM  

    Yeah, maybe I should.

    Listen ladies, go get your own blogs, and DD, if that's you, go pussyfoot around your own like the castrated mule you've become. If not, then tell your mother to stop posting here, it's embarassin.

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/16/2005 10:48 PM  

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