24 March 2005

Opening Day Sox Jerseys...

Just got this in an email. Apparently, the Sox are wearing these commemorative jerseys on Opening Day to celebrate you-know-what. I love the arm patch, I hate the gold on the letters/ numbers. Check it all out here.

Also, once again thanks to the greatest $10 I ever spent- the Red Sox Nation Card- I got a chance to get Green Monster tickets. Opened up 35 VWR windows, finally getting through after a personal-best 15 minutes- picked up 2 in the second row for the May 10th game against Oakland. Section M9. Not too bad. Expensive, but worth it. So, that brings the list of Sox games to be attended by me (tentatively) as follows (of course, italics means they arrived at my Mom's house, bold means they've arrived at my apartment, nothing means I'm still waitin' on em):

Mon. May 10th vs. Oakland (2nd Row Green Monster)
Mon. June 20th at Cleveland (field level)
Mon. June 27th vs. Cleveland (bleacher)
Tues. June 28th vs. Cleveland (bleacher)

Fri. July 29th vs. Minnesota (LF grandstand)
Thu. Sept. 8th vs. Los Angeles (RF box)

Sun. Oct. 2 vs. New York (bleacher)

Hey Erin- seen 'Tron'?

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Today, I got my Monster tickets while at work, went to my friend's house, where he said to his girlfriend, "You watchin' Charmed?" only I thought he said "You watchin' TRON?" Then I came home and got the email with the new commemorative logo.

Then I went to your blog and read about all these topics again. (It's the TRON, of course, that really puts it over the edge.)

Also, I'm going to four games that are one day off from games you're going to. So Jacobs Field may be our only chance to meet up at a game. (in the championship defense season.) (just added that for fun.)

By Blogger Jere, at 3/24/2005 9:18 PM  

Oh yea- Mike and I are pumped to meet. It will be a great RSFIPT/ BSM summit in Cleveland. We should wear elk hats like in The Flintstones

The Tron in-joke was with Erin, my girlfriend. Erin's a great writer, and we were in a writing class together in college. Anyway, in this class we'd write stories, pass em out to class, and everyone would give you detailed notes on your work. Really interesting and constructive stuff.

In this class was this kid who'd write these 30+ page sci-fi monstrosities, expecting everyone to not only read them, but provide concise and detailed notes, which we did. After having his week to be critiqued, Erin's turn came up- she's a great writer, but brief, so her short story was something in the neighborhood of 4-5 pgs at the most. When she got this kid's (supposed to be) notated copy of her work, there was nothing save for two words at the end:

"Seen Fight Club?"

He didn't write it in italics, of course.

Anyway, given his verbose little epics (and their shittiness) and the effort we (she) had put into analyzing them, for him to do that was BALLSY.

So, next shitty sci-fi shitbag he slung our way, Erin did nothing but write, at the end,

"Seen Tron?"

Also, Jere- I was convinced the Life Aquatic DVD release info would draw a response at least...

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/24/2005 10:19 PM  

See what I mean?

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/26/2005 10:26 PM  

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