18 March 2005

"And we'll just sit and grin/ The ticket's will roll right in..."

Not my tickets...

So on Wednesday, the tickets started to slowly filter in- they're sending them out in batches- both delivered to my apartment here in NYC and my house in Fairfield. Here are the games I'm going to (including Cleveland trip for Mike and I):

Mon. June 20 at Cleveland (field level)
Mon. June 27 vs Cleveland (bleacher)
Tues. June 28 vs Cleveland (bleacher)

Fri. July 29 vs Minnesota (LF grandstand)
Thu. September 8 vs Anaheim (RF box)

Sun. October 2 vs New York (bleacher)

The ones in bold have come in the mail in NYC, italics at CT. Technically we aren't "waiting" on the Oct. 2 Yankee tickets, cos Mike got them from a friend. I was a little worried hearing about other people getting their tickets in the mail and stuff, especially since they put them in an intentionally non-descript-looking envelope (that way no mailmen are going to Sox games on my dime). What REALLY worried me was seeing my mailbox jacked into with all the envelopes torn open. I was convinced my Sox vouchahs were jobbed. Looks like it was only a case of Erin's credit card statement (possibly) being taken. PHEW!

So I'm officially psyched. As you can see above, the tickets have the trophy in beautiful display... only the thing you don't see is, the different tickets show the trophy in various different poses. It's beautiful. The tickets for the June 28th game have the trophy... with a World Series jersey and equipment. Unbelievable stuff. It all still hits me like a ton of bricks.

I'm still waiting to see if that AMAZING RSN card got me another opportunity to buy RF Roof/ Green Monster Seats, but even if that doesn't pan out, I've got a nice little roster of games for this summer. It should be fun. Inevitably too, you end up getting a pair of tickets some time out of nowhere and go fly up I-95 by the seat of your pants- but that'll come later. For now, I'm looking forward to the games, and, apparently, knowing the Cleveland Indians inside and out.

Didn't go out last night for St. Patrick's Day. I know. What a terd. I did not go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race, I stayed home and watched The Jerk. I was so fucking exhausted after work on Thursday, for some reason, I just planted my ass in front of the TV. Watched some of the embarassing political-PR-campaign-ad that was the steroid hearings in Washington- does Gov. Westmoreland really care enough about the integrity of some baseball stat records that he had to be on a Congressional panel about it?- and then got disgusted and threw on Steve Martin. It was that, Before Night Falls, or Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and I went for the one I'd seen all the way through, in case I fell asleep mid way or something.

Then Erin came home semi-toasted trying to sneak our friend Anna in behind her as they entered to surprise me. They were both like, "did you know what we were doing?!" To which I sarcastically replied, "No! You got me!"

Erin looked at me innocently and said, "Really? Seriously?"

Hey, cut her some slack, she was drunk.

Later on too, I managed to read somewhere about an MVP 2005 code wherein you create a player named "Neverlose Sight," and in so doing unlock St. Patrick's Day green jerseys. Now, I only tried the Red Sox ones last night, no word on whether they're unlocked for the Mets, Reds, Phillies, etc. I'll report back on that later. Then I spent the rest of the night creating people I know as players.

Tim (me)- nasty LH SP #92 (four-seam fastball, change, curve, slider, split)
Mike- Insanely fast, great fielder power hitting CF #44
Erin- Tenacious (and very short) SS #19
Bill- Tenacious (and very short) 2B #12
Mom- Nasty closer #13 (four-seam fastball, slider, split)

That's all I had for last night as it got to about 130 AM and my eyes were literally closing involuntarily.

Going home this weekend, bringing MVP 05, whipping Mike a new poop-shoot.

Also, speaking of jerseys- spring training, St. Patrick's, or otherwise- here's a great link-filled article from ESPN.com about new (different) MLB uniforms: ESPN.com Page2 Uni-Watch.

Jere at RSFIPT was talking about commentary tracks recently, and it got me thinking- about both how much I love them, and which were the best? Some easy ones popped to mind on the latter question- Boogie Nights, Rushmore, the Mr. Show DVDs. There's something about a really great commentary track that is almost as entertaining as the actual movie- and something about a really bad one that's often even more entertaining.

My love for the commentary track was rekindled recently as The Onion started a column in every-other issue called "Commentaries of the Damned," wherein they highlight the grandiose and pompous tracks of some shitbag movies.

So short story long, I will soon digest some great commentary tracks, give some highlights, have some fun with it. Good times. I can tell my reader-dom waits with baited breath...

Well, it's official. Last night, I ordered it- one of the single greatest things ever to happen to people- MLB Extra Innings. What the FUCK did baseball fans do before this? Watch like, 4-5 games a year? Sounds like fun...

I remember last year, on my first day with it, tuning in with my pupils like, fully dialated (I was doing an Erin impression from last Sat., more or less), not believing how great it was. I switched to the Royals/ White Sox game- Beltran GW HR against Damaso Marte! I switched all around, baseball, baseball, baseball. I saw first ABs from new FAs. I saw rookie players' first appearances (Greinke, Upton), I saw players' first games back from big injury (Prior). Just writing about it now makes me realize how little I realize the depths of how I missed it these months.

I was flipping around last night, and The Ashlee Simpson Show was on, and this dude, Ryan Cabrera, came on screen. I literally shuddered, like you do after a long, relaxing piss.

Fellas? You know what I'm talkin' about.

Between Matt Morris and now Randy Wolf- is it safe to say the long hair/ beard thing has officially been started by Johnny Damon? Will Michael Kay's head explode (endangering people in a 50+ mile radius)?

It looks cool. I've been rocking the beard on and off for years...

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It's come to my attention only recently that the ladies get "the shudder," too...but more importantly--we're both goin' to F'n Cleveland! And you're bringing the Broseph to boot! I asked my blog's wacky neighbor, Chan, if he wanted to come, but he declined. But there's still time to convince him. So if you don't mind me asking, why Cleveland? For me it was just the next furthest city away that I haven't seen the Sox in yet...

By Blogger Jere, at 3/18/2005 6:25 PM  

Also, I too was getting paranoid about tix. I had this fear that maybe they arrived and snow fell on top of them, and I'd shoveled them away with the snow.

By Blogger Jere, at 3/18/2005 6:27 PM  

Whoa! You are?! Exactly the same as us- it was that or St Louis, and the Cardinals were at the disadvantage of being about 6 hours farther away and not playing the Red Sox.

ALSO, I mean, god-damn are the Jacobs Field seats cheap! That was a big plus...

Which game are you going to? We gotta hang out and have a beer or something (I hate beer, I'll probably get a Coke).

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 3/18/2005 10:45 PM  

And I've never had a drink in my life. So Cokes for all. If they're a Pepsi park we'll be pissed. I've got the Monday and Tuesday game. And a 6 dollar seat to both. High above right field.

Also--we both mentioned the movie The Jerk in our posts about getting tickets.

By Blogger Jere, at 3/19/2005 1:00 AM  

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