17 February 2005

Tears, Flowing to My Eyes...


Here they are- the first beautiful, documented elements of proof that baseball is beginning. Bring tears to my eyes, warmth to my otherwise ice-cold soul. Ha.

By the way. Is David Wells wearing a "whiteboy" hat? Nice. I also like the family portrait on his right arm. Welcome to the Fat Bastard Era, right?

Tim Wakefield and Wade Miller get some running in. (boston.com)

Curt Schilling long tosses as Dave Wallace watches on. (boston.com)

David Wells tosses. (boston.com)

Tim Wakefield signs. (boston.com)

Wade Miller speaks to reporters. (boston.com)

Wow. Just- wow.

Wells, Schilling looking good...


The Red Sox are thinking of avoiding a championship ring ceremony during their home opener Dr. Charles Steinberg said today. Seeing as it's against the Yankees, the Red Sox are preaching an element of decorum in the issue, not wanting to be perceived as "rubbing it in the faces" of the team they made a dramatic comeback against. The banner ceremony will still go on as planned during the home opener.

I can see where they're coming from on this- it's something they're doing, at least in part, so as not to appear like they're trying to really show New York up. That being said, it does seem a bit silly to curtail a celebration based solely on who you drew on Opening Day. I have little doubt the Yankees, for instance, would afford us the same consideration. I was really surprised at the "concession" being considered.

That being said, not only is it not yet a final decision, it is also very important to point out that, in fact, the banner raising will still happen at the home opener. This is the more substantive portion of the celebration, and is the part done for the fans. As a gesture of goodwill, they've decided to consider maybe moving the ring part of the ceremony to a slightly later date, out of respect. Again, it's clear to see where they're coming from, and it seems it would be from good intentions- but it's just hard to understand from the front office that coined the term "Evil Empire" is all. Why do they care if the Yankees feelings are hurt?

I just want to see it, whenever it happens.


ESPN has just posted a list of the "100 Greatest Fantasy Seasons of All Time," singling out the great single-season performances in baseball history for their fantasy value. I'd link to it, but you need to be registered with their pay portion of the site, which is totally fucking bogus. Oh well. Here's the top twenty:

  1. Babe Ruth OF, 1920
  2. Babe Ruth OF, 1921

  3. Rogers Hornsby 2B, 1922

  4. Lou Gehrig 1B, 1931

  5. Lou Gehrig 1B, 1927

  6. Babe Ruth OF, 1927

  7. Walter Johnson SP, 1913

  8. Babe Ruth OF, 1923

  9. Lou Gehrig 1B, 1934

  10. Sandy Koufax SP, 1965

  11. Jimmie Foxx 1B, 1932

  12. Ken Williams OF, 1922

  13. Ty Cobb OF, 1911

  14. Babe Ruth OF, 1926

  15. Pedro Martinez SP, 1999

  16. George Sisler 1B, 1920

  17. Babe Ruth OF, 1931

  18. Walter Johnson SP, 1912

  19. Hack Wilson OF, 1930

  20. Sandy Koufax SP, 1966

The first thing that sticks out, obviously, is that of the top twenty spots, Babe Ruth holds SIX of the seasons. The other thing is that Pedro Martinez is the only even remotely modern player on the list. Aside from his 1999 campaign, Koufax's 1966 season was the most recent. Here's the rest of the list:

21. Larry Walker OF, 1997
22. Lou Gehrig 1B, 1936
23. Chuck Klein OF, 1932
24. Babe Ruth OF, 1924
25. Randy Johnson SP, 2002
26. Barry Bonds OF, 2001
27. Jimmie Foxx 1B, 1938
28. Babe Ruth OF, 1928
29. Rogers Hornsby 2B, 1925
30. Pedro Martinez SP, 2000 single season WHIP record (.737)
31. Hank Greenberg 1B, 1938
32. Pete Alexander SP, 1915
33. Jimmie Foxx 1B, 1933
34. Dwight Gooden SP, 1985
35. Babe Ruth OF, 1930
36. Ty Cobb OF, 1915
37. Sandy Koufax SP, 1963
38. Lou Gehrig 1B, 1930
39. Sammy Sosa OF, 1998
40. Randy Johnson SP, 2001
41. Napoleon Lajoie 2B, 1901
42. Willie Mays OF, 1955
43. Charley "Old Hoss" Radbourn SP, 1884
44. Joe DiMaggio OF, 1937
45. Hank Aaron OF, 1963
46. Eric Gagne RP, 2003
47. Alex Rodriguez SS, 1998
48. Mickey Mantle OF, 1956
49. Hugh Duffy OF, 1894
50. Walter Johnson SP, 1910
51. Barry Bonds OF, 1993
52. Alex Rodriguez SS, 2001
53. Roger Clemens SP, 1997
54. Hank Greenberg OF, 1937
55. Christy Mathewson SP, 1908
56. Rickey Henderson OF, 1985
57. Stan Musial OF, 1948
58. Bob Gibson SP, 1968
59. Willie Mays OF, 1962
60. Jose Canseco OF, 1988
61. Ron Guidry SP, 1978
62. Babe Herman OF, 1930
63. Dazzy Vance SP, 1924
64. Joe Morgan 2B, 1976
65. Rube Waddell SP, 1924
66. Hal Newhouser SP, 1946
67. Ty Cobb OF, 1909
68. Christy Mathewson SP, 1909
69. Ted Williams OF, 1942
70. Bruce Sutter RP, 1984
71. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown SP, 1906
72. Chuck Klein OF, 1930
73. Greg Maddux SP, 1995
74. Steve Carlton SP, 1972
75. Honus Wagner SS, 1908
76. Tom Seaver SP, 1971
77. Ted Williams OF, 1941
78. John Hiller RP, 1973
79. Vida Blue SP, 1971
80. Maury Wills SS, 1963
81. Jackie Robinson 2B, 1949
82. Ed Walsh SP, 1908
83. Al Simmons OF, 1930
84. Rollie Fingers RP, 1981
85. Randy Johnson SP, 1997
86. Willie Mays OF, 1965
87. Barry Bonds OF, 1990
88. Dan Quisenberry RP, 1983
89. Rickey Henderson OF, 1982
90. Ernie Banks SS, 1958
91. Lindy McDaniel RP, 1960
92. Al Rosen 3B, 1953
93. Mike Piazza C, 1997
94. Willie Mays OF, 1956
95. Bruce Sutter RP, 1977
96. Greg Maddux SP, 1994
97. Roy Campanella C, 1953
98. Mike Marshall RP, 1974
99. Nolan Ryan SP, 1973
100. Mike Schmidt 3B, 1981

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Fuck feelings...the Yankees didn't consider anybody's feelings when Bucky Dent threw out the first pitch in Game 7 of the 04 ALCS, why the fuck should we care about their own?!

I have to laugh at Wells wearing the white boy cap. Funny shit. BTW, thanks for not putting that Tito pic on the site....there's just some things you can't unsee in life.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/17/2005 7:49 PM  

Where did you find those pictures?

By Anonymous Evan, at 2/17/2005 9:21 PM  

Most of the pictures are from the Globe's ST pics online, a couple I got from a thread at RSN.net.

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 2/17/2005 10:48 PM  

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