16 February 2005

Sox Miscellania...

In a very bountiful News and Notes column for the Red Sox today on their official site, Ian Browne imparts upon us some very nice tidbits. To whit...

  • Mike Greenwell wants his 1988 MVP. Apparently, after all of Jose's admissions, The Gator is feelin' like his 2nd place finish needs to be rectified.

    "Where's my MVP? He's an admitted steroid user. I was clean," Greenwell told the The (Fort Myers, Fla.) News-Press. "If they're going to start putting asterisks by things, let's put one by the MVP. I do have a problem with losing the MVP to an admitted steroids user."

    It's not gonna happen, and the more interesting thing is to think back and realize that Mike Greenwell was a very serious MVP candidate in 1988. Greenwell hit .325 with 22 HR, 119 RBI and a .946 OPS (160 OPS+). Canseco hit .307 with 42 HR, 124 RBI, 40 steals and a .959 OPS.

  • Keith Foulke reported to camp today, and sat down to answer some questions to the media- including the resurrection and re-beating of the "last out of the World Series ball" story/ dead horse. Apparently Foulke asked for it too. Since I like Foulke, I was dismayed by this, since I knew Dirt Dog had told me to hate Mientkiewicz for that reason. I was relieved to find that it was ok to like Foulke, and that I should just go on not liking Doug. Got it.

  • This made me happy to read- the day I see a Red Sox in a #45 jersey not named Pedro Martinez, I'm really pretty sure I'd break down crying.

    No more Nomar, Pedro: For the first time since 1997, the Red Sox enter Spring Training without the duo of Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez, who were arguably the signature players of the franchise for the better part of the last seven years.

    While the Red Sox had no choice but to fill their roster spots, their numbers -- 5 for Garciaparra and 45 for Martinez -- weren't reassigned.

    Red Sox clubhouse manager Joe Cochran has always shown sensitivity over such matters, as 21 (Roger Clemens) and 14 (Jim Rice) haven't been worn since those two stars left the team.


    This whole Derek Lowe thing is starting to get to be a real bummer. Apparently days after finishing off another angry soundbite regarding the Red Sox' not signing him this past offseason, Lowe- a Fort Myers native- was asked to remove himself from the Red Sox' training facility he was using to do workouts pre-Spring Training.

    Lowe was telling reporters in the last few days about a concerted effort from Red Sox management to smear him on his way out the door, a claim Epstein denies.

    ``We actually went out of our way to help the guy,'' Epstein said. ``After it became clear at the general managers meetings that we weren't going to be able to come close to signing him, we agreed that we wouldn't say one word, publicly or privately, about Derek. We actually gave a glowing recommendation to the one team that came to us. We went out of our way not to smear Derek.''

    The Red Sox claimed as well that asking Lowe to leave the facility was simply a request, as their official camp begins tomorrow (Thurs).

    The thought of Lowe being so desperate to remain a part of the team that he has to show up and work out at Red Sox camp- not leaving until he had to be asked- is just a bummer to consider. That's probably not the entire story, so better to think of the good times with Derek.


    Part Two of the Schilling interview with Ken Rosenthal.


    What the FUCK?! Can a baseball player hold a press conference and not mention me?!

    I'm really, really, really, really sick of talking about Alex Rodriguez. Really. So when Trot Nixon mentioned him in a press conference (the whole "I'm showing up to camp and talking to the media" thing) the other day, my immediate reaction wasn't "hey, good one Trot." Instead it was, "ugh- enough of this guy!"

    It's all true though, by the way. I can't imagine what was going through Rodriguez' head when he made those "I'm the only guy working out comments," and given the quotes and their shocking self absorption, Nixon's comments are fucking funny.

    "He said he's doing all this while 600 players are still in their bed," Nixon began. "I said, `What's wrong with me taking my kid to school? I'm not a deadbeat dad, you clown.'

    "I work out for three hours in the weight room, and I hit for another two or three hours (later in the day)," continued Nixon, the father of two infant boys. "What makes you so much better?"

    The part that sort of made me roll my eyes a bit are when Nixon toed the Schilling line and mentioned something along the lines of Alex not being like the other Yankee pillars- Jeter, Williams, Posada. I always hate when people buy into that New York-self love "real Yankee" garbage, least of all when it's a Red Sox. I'm guessing this stuff is, at least in part, to get inside Alex's head, because it's kind of obvious it works. He doesn't seem to perform well when he's exceedingly emotional, something he never had to do languishing in Texas or Seattle winning nothing. I think the Red Sox really get under his skin, and that seems to have, so far, affected his play.

    I'm looking forward to Alex's response, which I'm probably pretty sure will make me laugh out loud.


    Perusing FleaBag's site recently, I've decided to de-fang some of his pathetic little agenda-driven postings. To start-

    The Nomar thing. In the days leading up to Canseco's book coming out, DirtDog posted something on his site in a "Breaking News Exclusive" stating that Nomar had been "named" in Canseco's book, an allusion to the "names" Canseco was citing as being steroid users. Along with the mention was the infamous SI cover in which Nomar posed with muscles blaring. The implication was obvious. Reports flew left and right as a result- a thread was started at SoSH regarding it (and subsequently closed), reports were filed correcting the erroneous assumption. Dirt Dog claimed there was never a direct steroid reference, but if all these outlets got the same impression- who would you believe (Silva even went so far as to call his readers "lonely mouthbreathers")?

    Why break in with a giant 64-pt font "Breaking News Exclusive" to mention Nomar had been simply pointed out in the book?

    Either intentionally misleading or incredibly sloppy reporting for someone on the boston.com payroll.

    The Hockey Thing. Silva likes to pimp a specific political stance on his site from time to time- he's ridiculously agenda-ridden, so this should be no surprise. Anyway, of course, to someone like Flea Bag, unions are universally bad, and players greedy. Makes sense, right? So when the NHL cancelled the season today, and it was the PLAYERS that gave ground on the salary cap and other negotiating points- only to be met by firm, tough-as-balls resistance from the (FAR greedier owners), it STILL must be the player's fault right? It's always the unions fault, 100%, right? Well, if you believe Dirt Dog and/ or outright lies, yea.

    Goodenow Makes Bad Decision

    Sure. That's it. This from a guy that had a post on his site calling Marvin Miller "scum" and other such wildly inappropriate/ incorrect adjectives regarding one of the game's true heroes.

    The Curse thing. Flea Bag also has this bizarre thing with people even mentioning the "curse," as if it's something he can jam his fat fingers into his ears over and it'll just go away (bothering him still even after weve won it).

    We get it, it's dumb. It's not real. Doesn't mean it has to make your ears sting to hear it. Apparently Damon's using the word curse in the title of his book has really upset Steve (even though it's in quotation marks, rendering it fairly tongue in cheek- but whatever). This regarding Johnny Damon's new book, Idiot: Beating "the Curse" and Enjoying the Game of Life:

    The Curse of Using 'Curse' in the
    Title of a Good Book Continues

    Another Tool Publisher Plays to the Lowest Moron Denominator Thinking He's Going to Sell More Books by Adding "The Curse" to a Book Title

    Is it really that big a deal? Also, "Lowest Moron Denominator"? What does that make the "lonely mouthbreather" that appreciates those song parodies and pictures of his bloated face playing with the World Series ball he nearly went purple in the nuts whining over?

    I also love how he sticks a jab at Michael Holley's knowledge of baseball- coming from a guy that routinely misspells the names of players not on the Red Sox, and seems more concerned with their after-work habits than their on-the-field ones.

    The Jodi Mientkiewicz thing. This is where, because Jodi Mientkiewicz stuck up for her husband over a completely irrational and fairly unethical piece written by Dan Shaughnessy regarding the ball controversy, she has to be subjected to endless taunts and wildly sexist/ misogynistic jabs. All this "guess we know who wears the pants here" crap. Nice goin' Silva. Just like a grownup.

    If you believe what you read there, you need your head examined. He's been wrong ALL offseason- putting the ARod guarantees of last offseason to shame in their consistent incorrectness. At one low point, he got a signing wrong, and then later blamed "lame-o ESPN," making fun of their running the story on their bottom line.

    Bottom feeder.


    So what's a dumber thing to say-

    "What do you mean you don't like tomatoes- you love ketchup!"

    "You like Coke more than Pepsi? What's the difference?"

    I'm torn. You pick.

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    The "Real Yankee" claim should really just be replaced with "class act". There's some a-hole "Real Yankees" ya know. Nevertheless, I love Trot's comments and I find them damn funny.

    As for dumber comment...probably the Coke more than Pepsi comment. Because Coke is better AND there is a difference. Coke has more bite while Pepsi is much sweeter. Depends on your taste in soda. Some people like teh sweetness while some people like the extra bite. I prefer the extra bite.

    Oh yeah you read Torre's comments on it. Sounds like he's subtly throwing A-Rod under the bus. He said something like "All I know about Trot Nixon is that that catch he made prevented us from winning the ALCS"


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/17/2005 1:20 AM  

    I don't understand why I am even friends with the people who choose Coke over Pepsi. Obviously, Pepsi is far superior in taste, and texture. Whenever I'm back into drinking a Coke, my teeth inevitably get some sort of gritty, squeaky coating. It's really disgusting. Pepsi. You got the right one, baby. Uh-huh.

    By Blogger erinlferencik, at 2/17/2005 10:04 AM  

    The Coke people don't need you Pepsi people anyway. I guess there is no appreciation for the original. And anyway, everyone knows Pepsi people don't read good.

    By Blogger Mike Rogan, at 2/17/2005 10:06 AM  

    It's pretty simple- Pepsi is for 13 year olds and serial killers. It's like cake-frosting sweet. It's disgusting.

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 2/17/2005 11:10 AM  

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